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Kdo je KRÁL FITNESS v Los Angeles?

hi guys welcome to the new video today you´ll see LA fitness expo where we’ll meet other athletes and we´ll do show together there and we have beautiful morning today sun is shining, is nice weather and I will be again in the small car with these two… but what I´d like to say finally

F5 Student Spotlight – Sydel

Every day, every class that I take feels new – even though I take two classes in a row. There’s so much variety about learning the techniques… There’s different angles. You learn to hold pads, you learn to hit pads, you learn to work on the bag… It’s working with other people too and learning

Fitness | Workout In Your Underwear | Workouts At Home | Shoulder Exercises

Hey guys this is Drake Abshire for The Underwear Expert. Everyone’s trying to get bigger, better shoulders, those “boulder” shoulders. And today I’ve put together three exercises that can not only make your arms look bigger, but your waist look smaller. So these three exercises will be done with dumbbells, and specifically for shoulders. Each