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Gym Stereotypes

wait oh dude I’m almost out of gas I don’t wanna get you straining after run home I really wanted to working out today so cute lay these at least in about 45 minutes I’ll Drive oh dude I can’t go I got a mo what mo it’s winter time tomorrow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

What Is Coaching?

okay we’re here all right welcome everyone we’re so glad you could come and join us for our coaching session. So what we’ll be doing tonight it’s just kind of talking about what coaching is what’s involved and you’ll get to hear a little bit about us and how we got involved in coaching and

Which Diet Shakes Taste The Best? | Fuse

Fair warning, I really like fake chocolate diet drinks. They don’t look very appetizing. Like you can tell, like, they’re settling on the top. I love tasting stuff. I’m excited. [impending doom music] I guess I’ll get started. It smells like- like a combination of maybe, like Play-Doh and cacao? If you know chocolate, you

What it Takes with Raina O’Dell

whoo-hoo we are live with miss Raina O’Dell thank you everybody for popping on as you know welcome to what it takes my name is Brittany Adamson I’m a senior manager of the coach development team for the West region here and here at Beachbody we have an entire group of people dedicated to helping