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my name is Kurt Easton I’m a fighter from Cape Town South Africa have been fighting for 3 years in various martial arts competitions winning gold in karate, kickboxing, muay thai and boxing and determined to become a pro fighter and I will fight anybody to get closer to my goal

Karate Nerd in China (Ep. 5)

Previously on “Karate Nerd in China”. Today, I’m meeting a master of the kung fu style practice by the southern shaolin monks. (speaking Chinese) But, Master Zhang doesn’t practice Monk Fist. It was lost when the temple burned down. Wow, this is like a karate weapon, it’s the same. This means we might never find

How To Sweep Kick In a Fight

you come in right when you coming in here Oh sweeping so if I’m here and I clinch oh it creates a lot of opening because you’re playing with the person’s balance the only money was gonna come inside yeah it’s up here yeah I’d like to be one hand one hand out here or