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How To Freestyle Jump Rope

Hey what’s up guys? In today’s video, we’re going to be learning how to freestyle as a jump roperFirst of all, we need to clarify what does freestyle exactly mean. And according to Google, a freestyle is an event or contest of a sport in which there are very few restrictions on the moves or

The History Of Jump Rope

so which countries did skipping-rope originate from how did it start why is there such a thing as a double dutch who were the people responsible of spreading the sport of jump rope globally where is jump rope right now and where is it heading we’re going to be answering all those questions in today’s

Is Jump Rope Low Impact?

So is jumping rope a low impact exercise? We’re going to be finding out in this video. The short answer to this question, yes, with a proper form, jumping rope is a low impact exercise. And that is because when you jump rope the impact between the floor and your feet is gently absorbed when

Jump Rope Release Trick Tutorial

hey what’s up today’s tutorial is going to be about the most demanded jump rope trick which is the jump rope will be I hope you’re ready because I am with that said let’s get into it what’s up guys beyond here helping you and get better faster at jumping rope to weekly jump rope