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Jump Rope AMRAP Workout #1

Hi it’s Tim and Shana from Punk Rope how’s everyone doing hope you’re staying safe and healthy in the midst of this chaos and let’s just hope the coronavirus passes us by very soon. we’re in New York City. this is day two of what’s essentially a quarantine citywide at least for big venues but

Why use a freestyle jump rope?

Hi this is Tim Haft and Shana Brady from Punk Rope. How are you guys doing? We got an email the other day from Miryana is Australia asking about our freestyle rope and what the differences are between that and other ropes and why you would use one. So that is the subject of today’s

2020 Jump Rope For Heart Program

Here at the Parma City School District we’re participating in Jump Rope for Heart. Jump Rope for Heart is our annual fundraiser, where the students help, raise money. The students find sponsors and all the money they raise gets turned over to the Heart Association. So the name of the fundraiser Jump Rope for Heart

Punk Rope Jumps Rope on CBS News

You got a chance to get outside this past weekend but the brutal winter has been forcing many of us into the gym and that can turn into a real advantage if you take the opportunity to shake up your routine. Today, a different kind of workout that’s more like recess than a fitness class.