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Welcome to Isagenix – DAY 11

[Music] Hey there! Just wanted to give you uh, some tips and techniques for your success, uh, with isagenix today. And one of the, one of the most uh, significant, uh, calls is our international health, wealth, and wellness teleconference, and it happens every Wednesday night at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern. Now, the gentleman who

Isagenix| Isagenix Scam?

Isagenix| Isagenix Scam? http://www.onlinemlmsuccesstraining.com/Isagenix/?t=ytisagenixr -Isagenix| Isagenix Scam? Isagenix is based in Chandler, Arizona, was founded in 2002 and markets dietary supplements.They are committed to having the best compensation plan, affordable and effective products, systems that ensure retention, and the best culture of any company. Isagenix is NOT a scam and is LEGIT When it comes

Welcome to Isagenix – DAY 13

[Music] Hey there! So, how are you doing on your program? Uh, either you’ve had really great, dramatic, profound results, or you’re still kinda figuring it all out. Either you’re in love with out community, or you’re just kinda making your way. Either way today’s video is gonna help you out immensely because we have