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The Reason You’re Not Winning

– The disproportional reason so many people in here will not win, let’s just get right to the chase, the disproportionate reason that most people in this room will not win is actually not the hard work which is what I’m gonna talk about probably for next 45 minutes. It’s your lack of patience. (applause)

Show The F**k Up

This is back to do you know yourself or do you aspire to be something you might actually not be. This is the toughest question of it all my man. I mean, if you want to be respected and and really known– – [Man] Show up. – show the fuck up. I don’t know how

Evolve or Go Out of Business

– Way bigger businesses than you have been put out of business because of technology shifts. When I invested in Uber five years ago, I called my dad’s Russian friends in L.A. They came to this country in ’78, ’79. They were dead broke. They lived in studio apartments. They drove taxi cabs for two,