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Welcome to Isagenix – DAY 5

[Music] Hey there! It’s day five, and perhaps you’re whizzing through this, and you’re really only been associated with us for a day or two, and you’re already just, uh, zipped up to day five, and perhaps you’ve got some things going on in your life, and uh, you’re in a couple weeks, but hey.

Welcome to Isagenix – DAY 4

[Music] Hey there! Good morning, good afternoon, good day, and welcome to day four! I’m just enjoying my Isagenix super coffee. You know, Isagenix has a lot of really great products, and um, this is one of our newest products. Let’s see, uh, organic coffee blend. You know what’s unique about it is that it’s

Beachbody Health Bet

Hey everybody! So, September is just around the corner and it’s a great time to get healthy and to start a new program if you haven’t already or to continue program if you have. Beachbody is doing this great thing called The Beachbody Health Bet. What it is, is that Beachbody has put up 1