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BH Fitness S3Ti Folding Treadmill Review

– This is the BH Fitness S3Ti treadmill. BH Fitness is a global company that is built on a legacy of producing high end, durable, user focused fitness equipment for the home, light commercial, and full commercial settings. This is a good all around and durable machine. It utilizes their active flex two suspension for

My First Time Bungee Jumping!

( music playing )man: So, you’ll jump successfully. – Will: Successfully. – You’ll– you’ll land successfully. – Will: Right. – You’ll get off– Or– or not. But what– ( overlapping chatter, laughter ) You know, you say yes to things long before you actually know what they are.You know, when I bungeed at, uh, Victoria

Vol State Fitness Center in Gallatin

It’s really convenient since we’re here all the time it’s also really nice because it’s free to all the students here. So I don’t have to go pay for another gym membership or anything like that and just come here while I’m at school and get my work out in for free. So that’s real