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10 Rounds: Official Sizzle

You’re with us right now in the fight. Power shot! Get ready to crush calories, build strength, and get shredded. This is the perfect combination of shirt drenching boxing workouts combined with total body weight training, and I designed all of it to get you powerful, visible results. This is 10 ROUNDS. Whoa! What the

Грудь. Концентрация при выполнении упражнений \ Chest. Concentration in Exercises

Vasily asks a question. Hello, Alexander. I have genetically weak chest muscles, but strong and voluminous latissimus dorsi muscles. When training the chest, I feel it very badly. The back more clogged than the chest. How to choose the right exercises for the chest to feel it? It is difficult, of course, to reproduce exactly


Each of us has a story. Each of us has a different reason why we started and why we cannot stop. The aim is the same for all of us: To do everything necessary to reach our goal. Resilience, and the courage to keep going in every circumstance is what unites us. NEBBIA is sold