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Mat Pilates at LA Fitness

[soft music starts up] Pilates at LA Fitness focuses on the core. Its focus is on our balance and how we are able to function every day from just going to the office to work or competing in a triathlon. Many of my members classify Pilates as an hour-long ab crunch. You really focus, and

Yoga at LA Fitness

[inhale] [exhale] Yoga, to me, is more than just an exercise. Not only is my body getting this intense, wonderful, healthy workout; my brain is getting a release. My stress is going. [relaxing music plays] It helps increase my flexibility. It helps my body look better. And it also helps my body be better on

Latin Heat at LA Fitness

[music builds] I’ve been taking Latin here for about three years now and I love this class. It’s so much fun. The beats, the music, I get a full body workout. You burn a lot of calories in less than an hour. You’re able to participate and move your body and do some cha-cha-cha’s and

Kickbox Cardio at LA Fitness

[Music starts] Kickbox Cardio is a really challenging class. It’s exciting. It’s high intensity. It tests your skills. It’s athletic. It’s fun. It’s intense. Oh, I feel very pumped after each class. I mean, my blood is just just really rushing. Kickbox is one of those formats that you can go in and let go,

Cardio Jam at LA Fitness

[Music fades in] Cardio Jam is a class I love teaching because it’s high energy, it’s fun, and anybody can just jump in and do it. [music gets louder] Although we kind of stay in a format that’s like very kind of fitness driven, it’s really just kind of feeling the beat and the music.