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flab2FAB! with Ronnie Kerr – The Passion of Brendan Pt. 1 (GAY Personal Training FITNESS SHOW)

Outlicious Being a personal trainer to the stars is hard work. But sometimes, there’s nothing more fulfilling than helping everyday people like you reach their fitness goals. I’m Ronnie Kerr and this is flab2Fab! Hi, I’m Brendan, twenty-three. Originally from Chicago, Illinois. Live in LA for a couple years now. I am a writer. And

21 Day Fix Extreme Review Day 2

Good morning friends and workout buddies today is 21 Day Fix Extreme Review day #2 and today is what they call upper fix extreme. And I watched it in advance and what’s going to happen, Autumn Calabrese is going to have us do lots of pushups, we’re going to do heavyweights for 30 seconds, and

My Kitchen: Citrus Salad

Hello and welcome to my kitchen. Today we’re going to make a heart healthy citrus salad and we’re also going to try to figure out fats because did you know that not all fats are created equal when it comes to health. There are a couple different kinds of fats, first of all there’s solid