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Product Spotlight: Fitness Instructors

Hello, I’m Julie Thierman, and today’s product spotlight is on Fitness Instructors, a package product that includes CGL, E&O and Contents. The APOLLO Exchange is an open market, so that means you can sign up for free and start binding those fitness instructors right now! Every product is available for immediate quote, immediate bind and

Matrix Fitness Bikes: Bring it Home

If you’re looking to bring home a health-club quality ride, Matrix offers both upright and recumbent designs to suit your unique needs and goals. All of our premium exercise bikes feature our exclusive Dual Form Frame, significantly improving rider stability over traditional single-post designs while offering a low step-through height for easy access. Our bikes

Which sport and fitness course is right for you?

Which sport and fitness course is right for you? Chris is an exercise scientist. He specialises in designing and implementing physical activity training programs for healthy people in their workplaces. He also instructs and evaluates training plans for people at the gym. Rachel is a sports scientist. She works with athletes in a professional basketball

The emerging treatment helping paralyzed Humboldt Bronco

[Reporter: Vik Adhopia] Last November in Thailand Ryan Straschnitzki became the latest of about a dozen Canadians to try an emerging treatment for paralysis. Canadians have watched Ryan’s recovery from traumatic spine injury and transformation to sledge hockey player. Now, he’s training his paralyzed muscles to move again. For that he’s getting help from a


no great physique is complete without an awesome set of shoulders but if you’re just repeating the same presses and raises for your shoulder workout you could be missing out. for shoulders that pop from all angles you need to change your workout around on a regular basis. here’s a complete shoulder workout which brings