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Jack Plank Exercise | Fitness

[MUSIC]. Hi. We’re gonna do jumping jack planks. Your hands are a little wider than shoulder width apart. Legs are nice and strong. You’re on the balls of your feet, jump out like this. Keep your **** nice and tight, your legs are strong. Jump back in. Let’s do 10 together. One, two, three, four,

Matrix Fitness: Bring it Home

Are you ready to bring fitness home? Matrix is. Already the world’s fastest growing commercial fitness brand, our new collection takes everything you love about the health club workout experience, and reimagines it to fit your home. Our uncompromising designs deliver performance every bit as premium as you’d find in the world’s finest fitness centers.

Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves.

Mirafit Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves. Durable neoprene padded gloves. Iron powder weight filling. Finger loops and thumb hole for secure fit. Velcro closure. Available in five colours. Two weights available: 1kg or 2kg per pair. Helps build hand, arm and wrist strength. Mirafit Weighted Exercise Gloves. Mirafit

Is HIIT the most effective way to lose weight?

HIIT refers to high-intensity intermittent exercise training and effectively HIIT training refers to a type of exercise that’s characterised by repeated bouts of high intensity intervals interspersed with periods of rest and there’s been a lot of interest of regarding HIIT training in the media within recent years and that’s really for two reasons, firstly