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रोटी खाएँ या नहीं | कितनी रोटी खाएँ | Natural way to Fatloss | Motapa Kam Karna Hai !

Hello friends, I am Suman chauhan, welcome to my channel Health city Today I will talk about bread(living). Bread plays a very important role in our everybody’s life Every person always try hard to earn livelihood throughout the entire life for bread, for living But when we get fat we don’t care for our body,

Tips That Make Portion Control Easier

Your stomach is only about the size of a loosely clenched fist, and so thinking about how much we can put into that stomach and how much we should put into that stomach, so slowing down a little bit, taking time to savor our meals, is really part of what’s important to portion control. very

How Dieting Changes Your Body…

Now the way our bodies work is once you put on weight, your body is going to try to defend that weight. And there are basically three strategies that your body has to try to defend its body weight. The first one is when you try to lose weight, you get hungry. The longer you