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Eating More Protein Would Do This To Your Body

9 Reasons To Eat More Protein There are so many reasons to eat protein. It’s great for gaining muscle, it’s great for dieting… but we get ahead of ourselves. Today, we’re going to explore the different reasons why YOU should eat more protein. Here’s some thing you should definitely do besides eat more protein– you

NUTRICODE Fitness Tracker

The box includes: NUTRICODE wristband and USB charging cord. Connect the USB cable to your PC or network charger. Remove the Fitness Tracker from the rubber band. Connect Fitness Tracker to the USB cable. Charging will start automatically. After charging, unplug the cable and place the Fitness Tracker back in the rubber band. The protruding

The Bizarre History of Dieting | ATTN:

Dieting started with questionable eating advice from an English poet, evolved to incorporate chewing techniques to make you crap less, and really went off the rails with the invention of amphetamines, cigarettes, and laxatives. Hey everyone, I’m Natalie, and this is The Bizarre History of Dieting. And who better to start with then Pale, thin