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Bodybuilding Doctor Talks Health & Fitness

similar with nutrition and diet and exercise help help yourself do these simple things that you don’t need a GP to give you something for and you’re gonna see the results my name is Dr. Omar Iqbal I’m a local general practitioner which means that I’m not affiliated to one practice and I work all

How to Get Out of Functional Depression

what is depression well according to Google depression is feelings of severe despondency and dejection whenever it comes to depression there seems to be two main forms that we can categorize it in and that’s important because the category that your depression might be in can tell you how you should approach it so the

Exercising at home with Parkinson’s

Very simple Straight, reach up You’re helping your body to stretch itself Another one is this way So you must keep your hands straight It helps your body to stay straight Not curved If you can’t stand up and do it, sit down and do it There’s a lot of exercise you can do sitting