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Respiration Training Part 3: Advanced Breath Control

Today we’re going to take another look at advanced versions of respiration training to improve performance. In last week’s video we talked about three different base level respiration training drills focusing on what we call pursed lipped or straw breathing. We talked about doing those in the seated position and then doing walking and then

Fitness How-To’s: Reverse Superman

[Intro Music]>>JOWAN ORTEGA: Strengthening our core is an essential part of becoming a better athlete. One great basic core exercise is the reverse Superman. Start by lying flat, fully extending your arms overhead. Inhale and push your lower back into the floor. Exhale as you simultaneously raise your arms and feet slightly off the floor.

Fitness Professionals Try Pilates

– I think I came in here thinking it was like puppies and Trader Joe’s and cottage cheese and stuff, and it was way harder than that. (energetic music) – In Pilates we like to do every movement initiating at the core. Even to move your arms or your legs, we start everything from the