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Finding Community in Fitness

while I could get a good workout at some of the other gyms what I always felt I was missing was for six years actually and Mindy’s Pilates my name is Robin Jaffin. Robin how long have you been a member with us at 5050? About a year and a half now how did you

Welcome to Fit Community!!! – FITCOM

Hi guys this is Rahamath Wellness Coach. Let’s start this video with a question Imagine the people that you know and think about asking the question that I’m Going to tell you now, what do you think their answer will be when you ask them If they are interested In being Healthy and Fit, well

Buying a Bridge to Bungee Jump

– You can imagine it’s not super easy to just buy a bridge and build all this stuff. It’s our American dream, not everybody dreams of picket fences and houses; we dreamt of a bridge. Bungee jumping gets categorized as more of a a carnival ride, but for me and my friends, it’s kind of