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Maruko challenges jumping rope!

Chibi Maruko Channel clatter I am jumping rope today! I am challenging 10 jumps!! 10 times is…. quite easy for me!!! Maruko, are you okay? I am okay!! Ready? Let’s do this! Hey! Maruko! Jumped! Number of jumps Number of jumps Oh this is difficult… Number of jumps Number of jumps The last jump…… Number

Home fitness on the Sport 6 0 Treadmill By ProForm

The ProForm 6.0 is your go-to treadmill for getting in shape and staying in shape. The powerful 2.5 continuous horsepower Mach Z motor surpasses industry standards. So whether you’re walking, jogging, or running this motor can keep up. With iFit, connect your tablet and choose from hundreds of workouts from some of the world’s best

Boys Love Yoga! — Yoga Couple Challenge

Jakub: We are about to do the— Vitalii: We are doing the Yoga Couple Challenge today! Originally, we planned to record— We planned to record “Talking Russian to my boyfriend for 24 hours” But Jakub destroyed it all. That’s why we are going to record the Yoga Challenge! Vitalii: I want to do this pose.