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Kdo je KRÁL FITNESS v Los Angeles?

hi guys welcome to the new video today you´ll see LA fitness expo where we’ll meet other athletes and we´ll do show together there and we have beautiful morning today sun is shining, is nice weather and I will be again in the small car with these two… but what I´d like to say finally

PBS NewsHour 9pm full episode, Mar 3, 2020

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff On this Super Tuesday, Joe Biden is showing early momentum tonight, with projected wins in Virginia, and North Carolina. And Bernie Sanders takes his home state of Vermont, with many more states still to come. Then, As the death toll from coronavirus in the U.S. continues to climb,

Should You Bungee Jump?

so there’s this phenomenon known as high-place phenomenon and it’s this terrifying feeling this sense that some people have as they get near the edge of a cliff face or the railing of a tall building and it’s not exactly a fear of heights but maybe something that’s all a bit more concerning it’s the

Wildland Fire Physical Fitness

Definitely have to be physically fit. We’re athletes You have to be fit to do this job If you don’t work out if you don’t hike you’re not gonna be able to be you’re not gonna be good at your job and you’re not gonna be able to be on the crew For this job.

Same-Sex Marriage & NCAA Final Four & Smartphone Apps and Dieting

17:00:45:21>>>Coming up next on “Arizona 17:30:12:15 Horizon,” a judge rules that an 17:30:15:00 Arizona man can get survivor 17:30:17:03 benefits from a same-sex partner 17:30:19:00 he married in California. 17:30:20:15>>>Also tonight, find out about 17:30:22:03 efforts to get the NCAA final 17:30:24:03 four in Phoenix. 17:30:25:00>>>And we’ll see how apps can 17:30:26:24 help you manage