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The Healthy Habit Of Boxing

– This week’s HealthyYou is a real knockout. I’m hitting the gym with an executive assistant, to find out how boxing helps her live healthy. (rock music) – [Jane] Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy habit is to find out what works for others. – Hi, my name is Phyilis. I’m a

How To Sweep Kick In a Fight

you come in right when you coming in here Oh sweeping so if I’m here and I clinch oh it creates a lot of opening because you’re playing with the person’s balance the only money was gonna come inside yeah it’s up here yeah I’d like to be one hand one hand out here or

U-Zealot Muay Thai Kemanggisan (Jakarta Barat)

2019.09.30 (Monday) ZEALOT MUAY THAI KEMANGGISAN (JAKARTA BARAT) Starting from stretching Sprint High Knee Squart Jump Burpee Jump Squart Side Steps Punch Combination and Burpee Push-ups Full Flank Push-up and shoulder-touch Shoulder Flank Bicycle Sit-up Leg-raise Shadow boxing Mitts (Total 2 rounds) Sandbag Kicking Sandbag ㅋㅋㅋ Boxing Sparring with the coach Coach bullying his member