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Extreme Weight Loss: Mitzi

>>Mitzi: Good morning, my name is Mitzi. We are just wrapping up the finales of Extreme Weight Loss cast season 5, and it’s been an incredible experience. I feel like the most difficult part of my transformation journey has really been just the vulnerability, and just truly understanding that in order for me to really

Vitality Fitness – Who We Are!

At Vitality Fitness we help you focus on your personal goals by providing personal training in a group setting. as you can see we’re not your traditional health club or gym Vitality Fitness has the right plan for you to become heathy, fit, and strong. Our members each have different personal goals, and we’re here

Extreme Weight Loss: Jackie!

>>Jackie: Hi, I’m Jackie from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and we are literally on set for the finales, so it’s really exciting here, all this hustle bustle, all the noise, sorry, so I hope you can hear me. The best part of my journey, losing the weight was amazing, but losing the emotional weight for me