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Exercise vs Diet

Trying to lose weight can be difficult, and while we all know a good combination of exercise and diet is essential, which one is more important? If you had to choose, should you be hitting the gym, or eating salads? There are many ways you can burn a few hundred calories; running for 20 minutes,

Weight Loss Pills: Fact Or Fiction?

I’m going to guess that you’ve been on the internet before, and thus you’ve seen plenty of ads for treatments that supposedly help you lose weight, “using one weird trick.” Or you might have seen recent news about research claiming to have discovered what’s been described as “exercise in a pill.” Sign me up! If

Longevity and Telomeres – Bite Sci-zed

It’s October. Halloween is approaching. Do you know what this means? We need to talk about telomeres. I should backup. Many of these traditional Halloween misfits are undead. Frankenstein, zombies, mummies, I can’t help you there, but some of these seasonal stories revolve around supposed immortality– vampires, Merlin, Nicolas Flamel, lobsters. OK, I swear I