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Livekick Fitness Trainer: Catherine English

What’s up everybody, welcome to Livekick. My name is Catherine, I’m an ACE-certified personal trainer and I’ve been working in the fitness industry for the past five years. I studied Exercise Science and strength and conditioning in college which led me straight into personal training and group fitness training. A few of my specialties include:

INTENSE 10 Min Workout for Thanksgiving

Welcome to the super special Thanksgiving workout if you are a Premium member on KobokoFitness.com you already got early access to this workout If you are not a member Make sure you go sign up at KobokoFitness.com and start your free trial. to kick us off today, We’re gonna do a quick warmup. We’re starting

At Home HIIT WORKOUT With Weights

HIIT workout with weights. We’re gonna be using dumbbells in today’s circuit to add some resistance and increase intensity We’ll start off with a quick warm up and wrap up with a stretch and cool down So, grab those weights and follow along, we’re getting started right now. Nice work guys. If you liked that