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Should you wear a bike helmet?

Should cyclists be forced to wear helmets? It’s a subject guaranteed to start an argument. Driver: Have you got a helmet on? No! Cyclist: I don’t have to wear a helmet! Everyone has an opinion. The problem is, they’re normally not based on evidence. Let’s start with something straightforward. I don’t have a problem with

रोटी खाएँ या नहीं | कितनी रोटी खाएँ | Natural way to Fatloss | Motapa Kam Karna Hai !

Hello friends, I am Suman chauhan, welcome to my channel Health city Today I will talk about bread(living). Bread plays a very important role in our everybody’s life Every person always try hard to earn livelihood throughout the entire life for bread, for living But when we get fat we don’t care for our body,

Full Body Workout in less than 10 minutes

there you have it. Five exercise 10 reps each you see my heart raise up sweat a little bit already and that’s just one round so it’s going to be less than a 10 minute workout! What’s up guys? Jordan Nevels back. Today I’ve got an incredible workout for you that’s going to replace your

Matrix Fitness R50 Recumbent Bike

Bring home a more relaxed way to ride with a stable, versatile step-through bike that offers a recumbent design to comfortably distribute weight and maximize support. Bring home our R50 Recumbent Bike. Our Dual Form Frame offers a more stable ride than single-post designs, plus a low step-through height for easy access and a step-assist