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생후 60개월 만에 줄넘기 완벽 마스터! 급이 다른 줄넘기 신동┃A 5-year-old Whiz Kid! Another Level of Jump Rope

Among men showing off their talent, This kid stands out for sure His supernormal talent is incomparable! Production Crew: How old are you? I’m 5 60 months after birth, he mastered the jump rope We introduce you a 5-year-old jump rope whiz kid, Su-hyun! Double-under and criss cross jump rope are my appetizers Guys LB

고무줄 위에서 트램펄린처럼 노는 게 가능? 슬랙라인 달인!┃Jumping on a rubber band! Master of slackline!

Person flying on a string! Wow~~~ I knew it! It feels like watching circus Similar to tightrope walk What is this string? It’s called slackline! [Slackline] Act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing that is tensioned between two anchors/ width of 5cm Using a reaction of a string Up and