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The SECRET to Super Human STRENGTH

(upbeat techno music) – What’s up? Elite THENX Athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of official THENX. Today I’m going to show you the secret to super human strength. (techno music) Alright guys, so let’s get started. So, if you’re trying to do exercises like the one you saw in this intro, the

‘Hulk’ Brothers Risk Death By Injecting Muscle-Building Chemicals | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

COMM: Brothers Alvaro and Tony have been working out since they were teenagers. Now at the ages of 49 and 50, the brothers’ combined weight is a whopping 241 kilograms. The same weight as 4,900 medium chicken eggs. COMM: Alvaro and Tony started to inject a mephentermine-based multi-vitamin stimulant known as Potenay B12 to help


(dubstep music) – What’s up Elite THENX Athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of OFFICIALTHENX. Today, I’m gonna be speaking on the truth, about burning belly fat. Now, we have millions of THENX Athletes working hard and working out everyday, getting in the best shape of their lives. And every so often we

Calisthenics Leg Workout (Follow Along)

What’s up elite Thenx athletes. I’m Stefan Heria and welcome to another video of Official Thenx. Today I’m gonna be taking you guys through a calisthenics leg workout you can do anywhere with no equipment needed. (electronic music) There are many benefits to training your legs like burning more calories as some of the biggest