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[eng sub/다이어트 브이로그]1주일동안 0.9KG감량|먹고싶은거 다 먹는 다이어터|다이어터의 술|간헐적단식|스트레스 없는 다이어트| diet vlog|망넛인ㅔ

DIMILOG’s DIET VLOG a day beginning with lactobacillus One is not enough. I’ve been doing this for three days in a row. 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. I’ve never exercised before. That’s why I’m so tired today. And so Oh, I don’t want to eat an empty stomach today.”

(Eng)DIET브이로그👙/46kg식단 관리운동하기,다이어트는 먹기위해✨(비빔국수, 현선이네 떡볶이, 감자탕, 낙지볶음, 스마일꽈배기)다시 식단관리.

(Last Story) (I started boiling some eggs right after my workout!) (Nothing quenches thirst like an Iced-Americano!) (Vietnamese coffee is strong so I usually drink half a bag at a time) (Put in just a bit of hot water and dump in ice right away!) (This completes a home-made iced americano!) (For today’s brunch, I’m