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[DIET VLOG] 맛있는 다이어트 식단 레시피ㅣ다이어터의 식단일기ㅣ다이어트 브이로그ㅣ육아맘ㅣ양배추쌈ㅣ초코 바나나 스무디ㅣ면두부 파스타ㅣ노밀가루 팬케이크

I will make pancakes without flour. egg white a baby whose mother hates being in the kitchen. a son in a good mood💚 Hopping💛💚 Now that we put the baby to sleep, shall we make it again? It’s like whipped cream, right? Rice flour, glutinous rice flour, a little bit of stevia. Stebia is a

SUB)생일주간 VLOG/다이어트중인?유지어터브이로그/초코케익/아웃백/스테이크/참지못한 파김치….폭풍흡입/치킨집사장 일상브이로그/birthday/sinh nhật/วันเกิด

Kim Rang and Vlog Kim Rang’s Birthday Week a hungry birthday Kim Rang’s Birthday Weekly Fashion Style Delicious Outback for Birthday birthday privileges I don’t need all the gifts and eating is the best. I actually have to keep my diet straight… By the way, I have not eaten any… Hello? Good morning, everybody. I

다이어트 1주차 후기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Oh, wait, stop it! You lost weight. I lost the will to do… What do you think? Hi. High five! So, how long have we been on a diet? Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Is it the 8th? No, it’s the 9th. The first weight you’ll be curious about! Change. Let’s

[eng sub/다이어트 브이로그]1주일동안 0.9KG감량|먹고싶은거 다 먹는 다이어터|다이어터의 술|간헐적단식|스트레스 없는 다이어트| diet vlog|망넛인ㅔ

DIMILOG’s DIET VLOG a day beginning with lactobacillus One is not enough. I’ve been doing this for three days in a row. 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. I’ve never exercised before. That’s why I’m so tired today. And so Oh, I don’t want to eat an empty stomach today.”

[20KG 체중 감량] 자연식물식 다이어트 | 식단조절로 몸무게 앞자리 숫자 바꾸기 | 다이어트 브이로그 vlog

I gained more than 20 kilometers through pregnancy and childbirth. I thought I’d lose all my weight if I gave birth, but I wasn’t. Breastfeeding gave me a strong appetite, and I kept on gaining weight as I ate too much because of the stress of parenting. I happened to know and challenge the whole

Eng) #2. 간헐적단식 다이어트 브이로그🌿ㅣ직장인 자연식물식 식단기록ㅣ아침형인간의 먹방ㅣ집에서 크림파스타 요리ㅣDiet Mukbang Vlog

I woke up late, and my mom prepared a lunch box for me. Thank you always! I need to have my bangs cut, but I can’t go to the hair salon because of the corona virus-19. When I wake up early, I eat what I want for breakfast and continue eating natural plant based food