Syapaa Ghar Ghar Da || Episode 5 || STRICT DIETING || Khwahish Arora ||

Eyes don’t leave my face, how can anyone see the views all around…. why are you singing Songs? chh {Expression of annoyance} and what are you drinking hmm? Mom I’m singing this song for myself and this is green tea, it helps to reduce weight. Green Tea is Fine, but how can these fried peanuts, which you are having with this helps to reduce your weight? Mom, this is not to eat its only to showoff is infront of me, but am not having it.. this is called “Control” within 3 months “Zero figure” you will see Yes..(Sarcastically) one side you are having Green Tea and other side you are loading & Loading yourself with pizza, burger, pastries. want to lose weight like this??? huh Mom, at that time I was in stress that’s why I ate pizza, burger, pastries from now onwards, Total stop Completely and hmm that “what is that” yes that charcalate terfal cake “Syapaa” who will eat that?? hmm What??? (Shockingly) Chocolate Truffle Cake when it comes? and who brings this?? yesterday night, your brother bring this no one feels like to tell me about it?? am I the part of this home or not?? okay! now leave it now me & your dad will eat brother will eat… you!!! why will you eat? you should not eat all this look at your age.. Is anyone have all these in this age?? and Dad!! he has diabetes Doctor already restrict him.. and Bro. Do you Ever look at his Size?? he is already fat & become more fatter give him boiled pulses only let me think…what to do with this?? have brought them My Dieting & Green Tea.. you ruined all now i should eat this, as all the whole dieting have been wasted.. by the way, where is that cake???

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