Sweet Indulgences You Dont Have to Save for Cheat Day

The hardest part of sticking your diet is missing out on those foods that you love? So here to show us how to indulge ourselves the healthy way please welcome celebrity nutritionist keri glassman back to the set welcome carrie there is a spread of delicious looking foods that we look at and we think oh can i should i But i assure everyone we can because Sweets sweets today sweets one of my favorite things i always say it was not born with a sweet tooth i have a whole mouth Of sweet tea so what i love about all of these treats we have right here they’re actually filled with nutrient-dense ingredients that are working for yard Concept so talk to me about what’s going on with this okay this first one oh this is so easy to make we all love cookie dough you know we know is loaded with sugar and refined processed flours and egg this is protein powder vegan protein powder almonds almond flour almond butter and then you can mix in the coconut if you want a little bit of honey if you want and then you just Use a little bit of water to mix it all up you can roll it into a ball and Literally just mix it all together this is the best cookie dough i’ve ever had i don’t really texture of cookie dough this is and the protein Seen in the healthy fat is super Satisfying so it’s a great actually pre right that’s what you want to do just want To dive into it it’s a good pre and post-workout snack really this one i will make tonight for this is really good i swear everybody that tries that says that same thing okay no Bake matcha coconut bars this one i love because it is so incredibly easy to make all you do is mix together some coconut coconut oil and matcha and a little a bit of honey or maple syrup whichever one you want to use So sue super easy you put it in a pan you freeze it 10 minutes later you’ve got this matcha bite what i love about it is first of all we know coconut has antibacterial properties it’s a healthy fat it’s actually good for your cholesterol Profile it can help you utilize energy and then matcha we know is a type of green tea comes from the whole team so you get all of those antioxidants and it has a lip that amino-acid lc9 which can give you that calm state but still keep you alert last but not least wonderful as well these are cheesecake these ginn cheesecake bites and what i love about them first of all let me sing before we before I have a bite the oxymoron of vegan cheesecake don’t worry i am a tough judge on cheesecake so i think you don’t like okay so this is the one i wasn’t sure about you’re gonna like it and it’s super satisfying because of all the protein and healthy fat in here so the crust is made out of almonds and flax seeds and dates so you’re getting a little bit of sweet you’re getting a little fiber you’re getting a little healthy fat a little omega threes in there antioxidants and then the cheese is made from coconut milk which again we just talked about those benefits of coconut and The protein powder again again vegan protein powder like i use there so you’re getting that creamy delicious vanilla flavor and then you just can put on top whatever you want here we have wild blueberries which we know are loaded with antioxidants good for your brain and health i’ve never had vegan cheesecake i imagine that is the best vegan cheesecake out there happens to be probably my favorite dessert and i indulge in it just every now and again and so it does taste different but i gotta tell you really well-balanced and its portion control And i’m gonna toggle on this right now you know you when you have a dinner party or even if you go to a big Buffet and they have all these little bites of desserts and you have a few and then you feel like crap after you’re so full okay we just had all of these and i feel i still feel light and i know 30 minutes from now i’m going to feel light i congratulate you i loved all three likewise Because, we have to go to break and i would love To have this spread out here the rest of the show but you can find all of these recipes On our website the doctors tv.com keri glassman home run once again you


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