Sun Life Financial – EBG

♪ I sell Sun Life’s Group Employee Benefit Products which range from group life insurance, short term disability, long term disability, dental and medical stop loss. I am a Senior Group Sales Representative at Sun Life. We sell to an intermediary, to employee benefit brokers, who in turn represent the companies that use our products. Nice part about the job is that I work hand and hand with our home office counterparts in underwriting. We’re operating in a historically challenging economy. We take advantage of the very strong financial ratings that Sun Life enjoys, while a lot of companies have really found it difficult. We have seized the opportunity and grown our business through the very challenging economy. It feels great to be part of a company that is financially strong. It’s great to know that your day to day contributions add to that. We all come in here every day with one goal in mind and that’s to provide customer service to our clients. It’s extremely fast paced environment. I know personally the names and have met and corresponded with the higher level senior management employees within the organization. It’s really an open door policy. The culture is awesome. It’s the perfect mix of healthy competition but at the same time we’re essentially a big family. The culture is wrapped around winning. That’s what we do. We set out every year to achieve our financial objectives and we try to draw everyone into a role of contributing to the cause. It’s a lot of fun. Something that has attracted me to Sun Life is the commitment to employee development. There is a real commitment to developing future leaders here at Sun Life. We are a growing, thriving company. It’s a great time to want to join Sun Life.

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