Summit Racing Workshop & Video Studio Tour

if you could build a shop from scratch what
equipment and tools would you include that’s the exact question we faced when we
built this brand new video studio and workshop for upcoming Summit Racing
videos and projects we’ll talk more about the content we’ll be creating for
you in an upcoming video but for now let’s look the shop tools we chose to
get these projects and how-to videos done we’ll start with the basics first
every shop needs a great quality set of hand tools so we opted for powerbuilt
wrenches sockets pliers and screwdrivers you can never have enough wrenches and
sockets so we ordered a combination of different metric and SAE sockets and wrench kits both box and open ended as well as open-ended ratcheting wrenches we chose
power built because each wrench and socket is made from chrome vanadium steel and it’s heat treated for durability in fact power built backs theirs with a
lifetime warranty the same can be said about the eight-piece power built plier
set and 17 piece screwdriver set in the case of the screwdriver set we also
appreciated the variety of sizes to handle any project and the comfortable
polypropylene grip we also picked up a couple different torque wrenches in a
variety of engine specialty tools which you’ll see in action in some of our
future engine builds we ordered up a pair of air cat impact wrenches the air
cat half inch torque killer impact wrench and the air cat nitro cat 3/8
impact wrench both tools have the muscle we need for any job this half inch
wrench puts out 1295 pounds of loosening torque and the 3/8 deliver 700
foot-pounds they do it with extremely low noise levels just 86 decibels to be
exact we’ll pair those tools with Powerbuilt and Sunex impact sockets so let’s talk about what’s powering our air tools we
went big to handle any potential projects coming our way
our Emax Industrial Plus Silent Air Piston air compressor delivers the air
flow in a quiet way it uses emax’s whisper 100 system installed on the back
of the compressor to reduce noise levels by 25% over other compressors it
features a super quiet two-stage pump that produces 38 CFM’s at 100 psi with a
maximum pressure of 175 psi while no functioning garage or shop is complete
without a good air compressor and air tools we also appreciate the verticality or cordless tools we got ours courtesy of Milwaukee Milwaukee is a
well-earned reputation for building powerful durable and convenient cordless
tools our arsenal lithium ion tools includes the m12 impact driver ratchet
die grinder and sawzall the m12 line boasts a subcompact design
to allow us to operate in tight cramped spaces Milwaukee’s red lithium battery
technology allows tools to run longer and faster than other cordless tools
those are just a few of the smaller tools we have in our shop to meet our
space requirements and organizational needs we browse our sizable selection of
cabinets tool chests and toolboxes and came up with this simple yet effective
setup this summit 58 inch tool chest gives us plenty of drawer space to
organize our hand tools the accompanying homak workbench offers a sturdy spot
for assembling components making repairs and a myriad of other tasks and this
homak two-door cabinet provides plenty of storage space for hand towels
lubricants and other items finally in our shop everything is situated around
this Bendpak two post lift for our space we opted for bendpaks 10,000
pound asymmetrical low-profile lift it’s asymmetrical design provides some extra
space to work around the front of our project vehicles and the low profile
setup helps accommodate lowered vehicles too our bendpak lift utilizes a 220 V
AC motor with dual hydraulic direct drive cylinders that offer a 45 second
rise time and oversized 53 inch tall carriage provide strength and durability
and features like a padded overhead safety shutoff bar, single point safety
release, and safety locks every three feet on the post to provide peace of mind
we’ll have more on our lift including buying and install tips in future videos
we should also mention that we picked up an oil drain and a set of car dollies
from Bendpak as well other items you notice in our shop or an engine hoist
and engine cradle a hydraulic jack and a parts washer all from our summit brand
line we chose our summit branded items because they provide all the durability
and features of some of the bigger equipment brands at a lower manufactured
price and you’ll see it here too as we put our shop to work so what would you
include in your shop or what’s the one thing that you wish you had in your shop
leave comments in the comment section below and be sure to like and subscribe
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right here in our studio thanks for watching


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