Successful Men: Copy Paste My Daily Routine For Success to Manifest Anything

Alright, so by popular demand, what a lot
of people were saying is they wanted to actually take a look at my life and see how I act. See how I am see what I’m doing see what I’m
up to see how I’m running the business, SEO and helping men become better. See what everything’s all about. Okay, so what My day starts with is it starts
with right now it starts with bedtime the night before you see today. Well, it was 15 minutes ago, it was February
18. Since it rolled over to midnight now it’s
February 19. But you see tonight, what I do is I plan tomorrow
today. You guys know this I journal exactly what
I’m going to do for tomorrow. Here’s the thing, every rock solid day that
you guys want to have, whether that be with business, with making money with crushing
it Getting better with women with developing your personality, you have to have goals. Because way too many men wake up and they
freeball it. They don’t know what they’re doing through
the day, I cannot I cannot wake up and be productive if I don’t know exactly what it
is that I’m doing. So what I do is I segment, okay, the top is
what I’m going to be doing tomorrow and I go off one by one and I cross them off the
list. I don’t go to bed until I’ve done everything. And then what I do at night is I reflect so
tonight I did my reflection page, then I plan the next day right here. You got to understand that that’s half the
battle. half the battle right there is getting your
mind right and reflecting on what’s going right in your life, what’s going wrong. And then planning tomorrow today. So in order for me to have a productive day
tomorrow, I have to plan it right now. I have to get zoned in and before bed. Once I do that. What do I do? I hop into the book, hop into a book I’m always
reading a book, even if it’s like a half chapter and I one chapter a night right now I’m reading
How to Win Friends. influence people. Now for some that you might think that that
sounds insane when friends what do you need to win friends for? Well listen, you need to win everybody. Okay, you need to start thinking like a man
who has a mission. At least I need to I’m not going to tell you
what you need to do but here’s the thing for me to feel purposeful for me to feel like
I have direction for me to feel strong and able. You have to realize I got to understand how
to connect with people to want to connect with people better. Now what you got to do is you got to journal
about what’s working and what’s not working you got to plan your tomorrow today you got
to read to gain knowledge you got to learn how to work with people better. Trust me fellas if you can do all these things
if you can be dedicated if you can turn yourself into a man like cut out the booze cut out
the porn cut out the bad low level baby you start to get your mind right guess what happens? You start to get your money right? So to get your money right the people around
you have influence are going to realize that hey, you got something of value. How’d you do it? What can we do I want to work with you. I want to see you I want to See what you’re
doing? Dude, if you can do all that right and your
left the least of your worries is going to be the women it’s going to be the easy part. That’s what you gotta realize you gotta you
gotta focus in on the product which is you, you are the product and selling the products
a hell of a lot easier when the product has value will bust throughout my day tomorrow,
and I’ll show you kind of how I start my day how on fold and I’m gonna give you guys some
tips along the way for what I’m doing inside of blueprint and some of these members that
have been absolutely crushing it and in the morning we’ll touch a little bit on retention
do’s and don’ts. Alright, good morning so it is Wednesday,
February 19. And I woke up at
seven. I won’t focus 745 Okay. I don’t know if you see that or not, but it’s
7:45am. So why is it that I wake up at like 745 or
eight o’clock Contrary to popular belief,
waking up earlier, all of these people screaming all you got if you’re an entrepreneur, you
gotta wake up at 445 you’re an entrepreneur, you got to wake up at 4am it’s like no, because
guess what? You’re trying to become a full stack man. Right? You’re working on your body, you’re working
on your passion. You need sleep. If I don’t sleep, yes, what my clients don’t
get my best product. If I don’t sleep, I don’t have very good lifts
in the gym to keep growing. If I don’t sleep, I’m not functioning at best
capacity. And if I don’t sleep, I’m not going to make,
you know, all of the things in life that I want to make, because the thing is is like,
my why. It’s just really that like, I had to go through
all of these changes alone as a man. You know, the past five years, I had to figure
out my masculinity journey completely solo, I had no guidance. I had no idea how to change. I had no idea why I felt this way. And the more I started changing, the more
I started looking around researching, really realizing that everybody’s in the same boat. You know, it’s like, men aren’t being taught
nowadays how to be men. Men are being taught nowadays. How to women, men aren’t taught nowadays how
to actually go about their life in a way that’s meaningful. That doesn’t just default them after their
high school or college to just sit at a bar for the next, you know, 1520 years. Okay? His purpose and ambition has to be built. So that’s why I get up at 745 or eight o’clock,
is because I’m only going to get my best work. At this time. I’m only going to get my best day at this
time. And only way I can give back to the people
is if I’m functioning my best capacity, everybody’s human. Right? I need my eight hours that ain’t going anywhere. And guess what every Consulting Group, I’m
part of every single mentor that I have. That’s a multi millionaire Plus, they all
say the same thing. Get your sleep. Right, the guys who are draining themselves
and have no sleep, probably don’t have that good of a product they probably don’t have,
you know, the things that they need to operate at full capacity. I want people to experience the full 100%
me not a half Fast hired me. So this is why I start my day at this time,
what we do is we head over to my favorite coffee shop and then at right after that we
get to work. So I’ll kind of take you through to where
I go every morning. Alright, so now it’s about 815. And this is how I do my work day every day,
I go to a local coffee shop that I really, really liked down here. I’ll show you guys what it looks like. So that right there is called fire flower. Okay, Fire Flower coffee. No, as you guys notice, like, I do the same
thing every day a lot of times. Okay, that’s, that’s the one thing about masculinity
and being a man and like growing is it’s the dedication. And it’s the repetition and it’s the consistency
that fortifies you. Why do guys do retention? Well, they do retention not only for the sexual
energy benefits, but you’re going to do it strictly so that way you can have the dedication
to keep on focusing. Okay, same same pattern, I wake up, I get
my coffee right here every day I once I get my coffee, I get to work. One of that work on trying to build the product
and help the guys in blueprint perform the best. So that way I have the best dating and masculinity
training for men on the entire planet. Like when you establish your mission, you
establish your mission. Now your goal is to carry it out. Just do it every single day carried out every
day, every day, wake up. What are you doing today? It doesn’t matter. Everything’s irrelevant. The mission is number one, why is mission
number one. That’s the only way you’re going to get ahead. That’s the only way you’re going to get out
of your sticky situation. That’s the only way you’re going to develop
any sort of confidence to develop yourself in dating or anything, right? Get yourself out of sticky situations by doing
the hard stuff. So this
is what I do every single day. Alright, so we get home What do we do as soon
as we get home we start drinking the coffee and we get to work. Now the thing that I’ve been working on with
masculinity blueprint is like my most premium thing that I can possibly give people that
combines the one on one time with me For the rest of their life with my premium course,
okay, and the thing is, is that I was just like you and I was just like a lot of people,
I thought because either I’m shy, you know, I can’t meet women or be I’m introverted. Or see, I don’t know what to say, or I don’t
know how to approach or women don’t like me, I don’t think I’m attractive, or it’s like
all of these things that men go through. I had to go through all of them alone, which
is why I’ve basically spent like the past 678 months to build out this program to build
up this course that is basically one of a kind, you can’t like you can’t you can’t replicate
this. You cannot replicate the things I’ve been
through this past five, six years. You can’t replicate this course unless you
really put in some serious, serious hours and you understand how to coach men. And the thing is, is since I had to do this
all solo, and I really understand how to coach men and bring them out of the shell that they’re
stuck in, whether that be with porn or with masturbation or not being able to connect
with a woman or thinking that because I’ve watched so many of these videos that certain
pills Colors are going to save them from the truth. It’s like no, you want to connect with a woman,
then you need a woman that is quality that you can actually know how to get. The thing is, is that if you think you’re
going to be happy running around jerking hinges and, you know, over every single girl you
think you can, you can live in the barn and the hookup scene for the rest of your life
and you think you can feel satisfied without actually figuring this out. You’re in for a world of pain. Okay, now, the thing that I learned along
this journey, is that when men keep forcing chemistry like this and forcing all of these
hookups, just to get sex, the thing is, is not only do they kill themselves inside a
little bit, but they’re also going to keep making sure that they have issues with women. Okay, there’s nothing better than to potentially
have a woman that is completely for your mission. But the thing is, is that most men don’t know
how to actually find these women and most men don’t know how to talk and navigate and
maneuver so that way when they do get them they don’t know how to do it without getting
hit. With a pullback or without her going cold
on him or anything like that. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to
show you exactly what blueprint is, how it works and what I’ve been working on and why
I think this is like the coolest thing ever so that way the people that are inside of
this have actually gotten a taste of me and they get a taste of me every single week forever. Alright fellas, so this is masculinity blueprint. This is what I’ve spent so much time on and
I’m going to show you how kick ass This is. I’ve spent months and months developing this
and I have a couple other products too. Like I’ve made masculinity mastered and lore. But the voiceover blueprint right here getting
just ridiculous success. So here’s what you get with this. Not only do you get my week by week, step
by step process as to how to build the man how to make sure that you navigate the dating
game, how to make sure that you can do this with ease, how to make sure that there’s no
pull back how to make sure that you can completely you know, handle this with the easiest part
of Your life possible, like your dating and your attraction needs to be on autopilot. And that’s why I break all of this down for
you, you know, step by step. Now as men go through this, like, here’s what
I really hated about any other online courses that I’ve ever been a part of, or that I’ve
ever seen is that what most coaches do is they do this, they give you the they give
you the weeks just like this, they give you the modules, and they say, here you go. It’s information only. And it’s no coaching. So what I wanted to do is I wanted to make
this the best group possible. So what you get with this is you get 24 seven
live access to me at all times. I check this every hour on the hour. And what I do is I actually communicate with
everybody within blueprint on a day to day basis. Not only that, when they get their coaching,
they get to join the Facebook group. And inside this Facebook group, we do two
weekly q&a sessions every single week. Okay, and then every single week, what happens
is when they join this group, now they get the one on one time with me They get to ask
all their questions, they get the support that they need. And it’s like it’s the most all encompassing
everything possible that comes to dating and masculinity and ensuring that you have the
love life that you’ve wanted forever. So this is like my baby. This is what I’ve been working on. And this is blueprint. The thing to you know, a lot of people were
wondering about, like entrepreneur life, people think that being an entrepreneur, so glamorous,
and the truth is that it’s really hard and it actually is like, it sucks. It’s emotionally draining on you. It’s time draining on you. The thing is, is like one of the things I
notice why I’m going to crush it with the boys and blueprint and get them the best results
compared to any other dating course on the market or masculinity course, is specifically
because right now I noticed everybody’s a promoter and everybody’s about the talk. And very, very rarely do people actually bust
ass and focus on the clients and the success. It’s like to build something amazing. takes a lot of time to build anything great. takes a lot of time. It’s like Why if you’re not on the retention
yet, you know, take a while retain, be able to build up that focus be able to build up
that energy so that way when it is a repetition thing like think guys, I’ve been working on
blueprint for six to eight months, seven days a week, every single day scripting the course
material delivering it doing the software, it’s been hundreds of man hours, probably
thousands. It’s not a one day task, and it’s not just
a turn on. It’s something that takes nose to grindstone
every day. You can’t do it. If you got brain fog. You can’t do it if you’re constantly stroking
it with no energy that way, just who you are as a person starts to shine through in the
dedication in your work, and how you develop as a man and then guess what? When you put all the pieces of the puzzle
together, it’s like you actually start to own what it is that you want to be. It’s like you can be anything you want. And people think they’re fixated to a single
identity. I’m shy I can’t do this. I’m introverted. I can’t do this. I’m extroverted. I’m only can be like this. I only attract these type of women. I’ll never Find a good girl. There’s no such thing as good girls, blah,
blah, blah, you keep pumping all that through your head, guess what, you’re going to get
exactly what you fixate on. And for most people, because they fixate on
the wrong things, that’s why they constantly keep ending up in the exact same cycles over
and over and over and over again, you guys know me, I’m all about the work. I’m all about the purpose. I’m all about what I do. And the thing is, is like now is your chance
to actually get into blueprint. Well, the members group is still relatively
small. Okay, right now, we have about 50 members
within this course if you want to have the chance to speak with me multiple times per
week, you want a chance to have communication with me 24 seven through the live chat, you
want to have access to all my premium course content so that way I can teach you specifically
how to navigate the dating game with ease for the rest of your life without women pulling
back or going cold on you are you constant feeling this anxiety inside that you’re not
good enough if you want to beat all of that, then blueprints for you? And I know there’s some people that hate when
people Plug their courses or plug their content. It’s like guys, why wouldn’t I plug my content? Like I have a lot of value to actually offer
you. Okay, I’ve done the retention journeys. I’ve went from literally having no confidence
and being super introverted and hating how I am to literally being able to not only be
the chooser and not the one waiting to be chosen, but I’m actually figured out how to
incorporate it so that way you can make sure that a girl accompanies your life in a way
that’s going to help propel you forward. Since I’ve went through this whole journey
for the past five, six years, it would be crazy if I didn’t show this to you, if I didn’t
ask you to potentially be part of this with us. So the thing is, it’s a super kick ass offer. But for those of you guys out there that are
real fixated on like the retention right you’re you’re fixated on the retention or you think
that the retention is the end all be all. I actually had a kid in blueprint. And he’s a success story and blueprint, but
he tells me he’s like, yeah, I feel like I can’t really go on a lot of these dates and
whatnot until I’ve retained for 180 days. He goes I feel like that my masculinity is
just going to kick in I’ll be ready. And I told him no. Because that’s that right there is what that
saying is that saying, Hey, I’m still not good enough to get what I want. I’m still not good enough to get the girl
that I want. And guess what? That same mindset keeps you stuck. Because there’s some guys what they do is
they work on themselves for so long as an excuse to never actually take action and speak
to the woman. Right? They think, Oh, I got a four pack abs. I need a six pack. I’m 6% body fat, I need to be 4% body fat. I make 100 grand a year still not good enough. I gotta figure out how to make a million bucks
a year and then I’ll be able to talk to the girl. It’s like that’s a never ending cycle. They think that something magic is going to
happen at 180 days fellas. What you have to do is you have to realize
that your retention journey is very, very low. It has very little to do with women and has
everything to do with you becoming a better man. But once you start putting these pieces of
the puzzle together it’s not like those butterflies Go away. If you still don’t know how to navigate the
dating game in the playing field, you have to figure this out. It’s one of the most fulfilling things to
a man as if he can figure this out. So when you put it all together, okay, that’s
when a man starts to flourish, and everything’s interlinked. Your fitness is going to include you know,
your health and your strength and how you look. But that’s going to tie into how you carry
yourself in business, it’s going to tie into how you speak to people. And guess what, how you are with your passion
and your purpose is going to tie into your dating life and how you develop everything
is interlinked. And that’s why I say you have to be a full
stack man. If you liked this video, I want you to hit
the like button and subscribe. If you find value in this and you want to
become part of blueprint, you can go down below and purchase that. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to enroll
you and welcome you into the Facebook group. I’m going to get you set up on these live
q&a so you can speak with me every week, and we’re going to have a great time so keep doing
you. I’m gonna keep doing me
and we’ll see you in the next one.


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