Student Sporting Stories | Gym with Arielle

Hey guys! So I’m Ariel I’m actually a postgraduate researcher here at the University of Nottingham. I’ve actually been a been a member since before David Ross was even built. In fact, well, in my first year it was a tent, it was a temporary sports centre. In my second year when David Ross was finally built I’ve basically not stopped coming back. Right then! Let’s go have a look around. The gym floor has got a lot to offer It’s got functional, strength and cardio equipment. One of my favourites is actually the rowing machine. It’s gives me an all around body kind of workout and also warm-up. So here is one of our functional rigs. I absolutely loved it when I was training for my Tough Mudder. Since then I’ve actually had one of the fitness instructors teach me a few new tricks. There is also some great opportunities for example, include having a fitness instructor, kinda give you guidance and advice. Some of the stuff that we offer is gym programmes. And the best way to book that is to come straight up to the gym, and me or someone at the desk can see you on face to face interaction and we can really talk through your goals and find a time that suits you. Let’s get started! Yeah! We’ve also got access to a bunch of other university’s facilities through the BUCS Universal Scheme. Over all great value for money, and… I recommend it! See you soon.

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