Stress Relief Yoga ♥ A Relaxed & Calming Flow To Clear Your Mind

[Music] [Applause] hey guys we are at the Tropic of Cancer Beach and beautiful Exuma and I have an easy yoga sequence for you today that will help you release any tension or stress you may be feeling this is a calming routine geared towards slowing down your mind to allow balance back into your life so if you’re ready grab a mat grab a water and let’s begin okay guys we’re gonna start in child’s pose bring your feet and your knees together reaching your arms all the way forward just relax all the way down reaching your fingers to the top of your mouth taking a deep breath in and let it go [Music] I want you to give yourself some time just to relax and let go [Music] let’s reach to the left side of your mouth to stretch at the right side of your back and then same thing to the other side and coming to Center and rolling all the way up to your cat-cow position inhaling we’re going to open the back look up to the sky exhale round the spine pull up with the back inhale let it go one more exhale round the spine and then coming into neutral baths taking our puppy posture so you’re gonna bring both hands to the very top of your mouth keeping your hips over your knees and letting your chest drop to the floor [Music] feeling that nice stretch in the bath and then slowly make your way back up and we’re going to take our thread the needle to thread the needle we’re really getting into the shoulder open your right arm out you’re gonna take that right arm through let that right shoulder come down to your mouth reaching the left arm forward [Music] and this is a great stretch for the shoulder come up and let’s do the other side [Music] and slowly come up coming back to tabletop position tuck your toes and coming right up into our first downward facing dog [Music] letting those heels sink into the curl [Music] do a little walk on the spot just to let go of any tension in the back of your legs and then from here taking our first flow rounding through the spine and supply let’s modify the first chaturanga come down to your knees spend your elbows chest chin upward dog downward [Music] dog one more time this time a little bit more faster come through into plank chaturanga you can take the full version now if you like or stick to beneath upward dog downward dog when you’re ready right leg reaches up bend your knees stepping right foot to the very top of your mats coming into high lunge first one more time reach both arms up slowly drop your left knee to the ground into your low lunge release the back toes open here [Music] awesome from here take your hands down half split so you’re pushing your weight to that left knee flex your right foot hips are square and take your body forward [Music] [Music] now I want you to point your right foot see if you can reach for that ankle or the toes and then if you grab it you’re gonna sickle the foot inward we’re actually stretching the soleus of your foot here if you can’t reach you can just turn the toes in and hold that’s the center come back into lunge tuck your back toes lift your back knee step back into downward dog let’s take our flow here one more time [Music] and other leg left leg up step four hi lunch hold let the hips sink down open the chest lower the right knee to the floor release the toes and open the body and then your arse all the way down push back into half split [Music] [Music] and again if you like to stretch the soleus of your foot you can go ahead and grab that foot and just turn it in feel the stretch there [Music] that Center come forward into your low lunge just hold you can keep your arms at your side tuck your back toes lift your back knee off the mat step back downward dog let’s flow it out [Music] just give yourself a moment here to let the heels sink down [Music] look forward go ahead and come down onto your knees we’re going to swing your feet to the left hips to the right come on to your mat sitting up nice and tall let’s take our seated forward fold so feet are flexed inhale reach the arms up folding from the hips not your lower back comfort [Music] [Music] letting go Hamas drop the arms down let’s scoot over to the top of your mat I’m gonna bring the soles of your feet together nice open hold on to the toes and the next feel take your body forward stretching out the inner side than the hips here [Music] [Applause] [Music] awesome slowly come back up and at this time hug your knees and let’s make our way over to your mat tucking your knees into the chest taking a gentle rock side to side here [Music] finish off with the happy baby extend your legs I’m gonna grab your ankles or with a big toes open the legs out pull them in feeling that stretch in the hips adding a gentle rock side to side if you like finding your breath here guys allowing yourself to calm down stand the legs hug your knees one more time and then opening into our shavasana final posture [Music] and taking this moment here to breathe to relax twine down [Music] now slowly begins to bring awareness back to your body just moving your fingers and your toes deepening your breath and then slowly making your way up to your seated position on your mat I’m just coming into cross-legged position resting your hands on the knees just taking this moment to bring your awareness internally to your body [Music] and take a moment to thank yourself for taking this 20 minutes out of your day today and doing something good for your body thank you guys so much for this awesome awesome class thank you for joining me and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day namaste [Music] you


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