Story Selling | How to Sell Your Story | Jimmy Keynote at Pays to Brave 2018

– So, who we’re bringing out
he’s awesome, he’s hysterical. Everybody know, does everybody know? (laughter) He is a storytelling coach. He is an amazing entrepreneur. He is a fantastic speaker
and you may have noticed that he used to be in insanity videos. And he’s just crushing it as
a whole new wellness leader. So, I’m excited to bring
Jimmy Nelson to the stage. (applause) (upbeat music) – I am so ecxited to be here. My mic, now my mic is on. I am super excited to be here. (applause) Okay I have a favor, I need a favor. Let’s take a trip. We’re gonna take a trip to 2007. We’re gonna jump in
our little time machine and go back to 2007. Think about where you were in 2007. And it is like dark-thirty in the morning. You ever have to wake up so
early that you’re not sure you’re like what’s my name? Where am I at? Who’s that? No, I’m just joking. (laughter) So it’s super early in the
morning New York City, hella cold So there’s only a few things that I hate. It’s early and it’s cold,
’cause I’m from Texas and I like the warmth. (cheering) So that morning in New York City in 2007, I’m having to leave my
little apartment in Queens, in New York City, bundle up and layer up. Take the few blocks, walk
down to the subway station to take the short little
ride into Manhattan. Magical Manhattan, oh my god. Who’s been to Times Square? (cheering) It’s the center of the universe. (laughter) It’s so exciting, you oughta
be super excited to go there. This morning, not so excited. You see, let me back up a little. Let’s get back to the time machine. I wanna go back a little further. The whole reason this Texas
boy was in New York City. We gotta go way back to first grade. (laughter) Because in first grade, is when
I found my first addiction. And probably the strongest
addiction I’ve ever experience in my entire life. ‘Cause you see, in the first
grade my elementary school did a Christmas play and
my first grade class, we were picked to do a
musical number called Too Fat for the Chimney. That’s a very serious, deep
story about how Santa Claus wasn’t gonna be able to
deliver presents that year because he was too fat for the chimney. You see, you’re ahead of me. You can do this. (laughter) Okay, so back when I was
in elementary school, which is probably before
many of you were born, there wasn’t like a
childhood obesity epidemic. I was the fat kid in class. It’s why she was talking about
will I’ll be Santa Claus. Nope. My best friend, Justin Morton, like the skinniest kid in class, they’re like, you get to be Santa. He gets the star role, they
just put pillows around him. Him and all my friends, the
rest of my friends put on like 1980’s legwarmers and
headbands and aerobic gear. And they were all upstage,
like right here by the couch. And they were doing like
literally like aerobics routines around Justin, and yours truly, fat sweet Jimmy Don’t we love him, we’re cheering him on. They say, Jimmy go down here
at the edge of the stage and we’re gonna put you
in full feety pajamas. Like with the feet and the drop bottom and the stocking cap that my granny made. And they say, you get to sing a solo. While all of your friends are safe. They’re safe up here, they’re together. You go down here fat, insecure kid and sing your heart out to all your peers. (laughter) ♪ He’s too fat for the chimney,
too fat for the chimney ♪ And then, right then, that’s
when the addiction started ’cause as I got into song
I saw a nod, I saw a smile. I was like holy shit, this
is what I’m meant to do the rest of my life. (laughter) Is to get an emotional
response from an audience, to change lives, to make you
smile, to make you laugh. To make you think, to make you move. You know the worst part about
knowing in the first grade what you’re supposed to do
with the rest of your life? When you hate the body you’re
in and you hate your life, and you think there’s no way I’m ever gonna be able to do this. ‘Cause not only was I the
only fat kid in the class, back then there wasn’t a
lot of divorced parents but I was that kid too in my class. Always feeling torn between two homes. I just didn’t feel like I
belonged anywhere, safe, I didn’t know who I was. I was always trying to be
whatever house I was at when you morph into something
to like make them love me but then I want you to love me. And I just want to be accepted. But when I was here, that was home. They liked me. Just because I was being
myself, not because I was being a version of myself I was
just doing something I love. So that started me on a journey of knowing that I was meant for something more. But just looking at all of the reasons I’ll never able to do it. And it really started a
seed of resentment in me. Fast forward to junior high, high school I continue to get bigger
and put on more weight. I wanna go to acting
school but my mom is like Jimmy, we can’t even
afford to like put you on a plane to let you audition. And it felt so frustrating ’cause I had to go to a two-year school,
and then I’d go to a college I didn’t want to
go to and drop out there. I just kept seeing other
people do the things I wanted to do but, of course they’re
going to have success. Look, they have a scholarship. Their parents are paying
for their schooling. They’re not working two jobs like me, and trying to be in
the theater department, and audition, and be in shows. Of course they’re successful. How often is it to look at
somebody else and discredit their success because you
think, oh it came easy to them. They don’t understand my situation. We have no idea what that
person’s story is either. Right? Exactly. And so, I continued to try and
failed, and try and failed. Until in my early twenties I
found myself as a hundred pound overweight, three-time college drop out living back at home with
my parents waiting tables. Planning it didn’t work. And then there was one morning, getting out of the shower, it wasn’t early because I already told you I
didn’t like to get up early. I kinda would sleep in ’til like 11. I was waiting tables
and bartending at night. And I got out of the shower
and I stopped by the mirror. A place a guy a hundred
pounds overweight doesn’t like to spend a lot of time in. Specifically after
getting out of the shower. And for whatever reason
that morning I stopped and I didn’t respect the
person looking back at me. And like it was yesterday I
remember going through my head, Jimmy if you don’t change,
you’re gonna be alone the rest of your life. Now there was no lightening and thunder. My life didn’t change, I wasn’t
always motivated after that but something shifted in me there. Thankfully, while going
after that one of the guys I was bartending with, I
noticed him losing weight. Now you guys, I envy you ladies. You rock at sharing what works. If somebody looks amazing you’re like, oh, sweetheart what are your shoes, what hair stuff do you use? Ladies will yell like oh let me share, let me share, let me share. We guys don’t operate that way. (laughter) I’m noticing my buddy
Jeremy like looking good. But, we don’t like roll on
by and be like, yo’ Jeremy (laughter) Lookin’ swell in those pants buddy. (laughter) But sometimes the pain
point gets hard enough you’re gonna swollen the ego, right? Like you watch, you watch,
you’re like I’m not gonna ask, I’m not gonna ask, I’m not gonna… fuck. (laughter) Jeremy this is stupid,
why are you losing weight? (laughter) And then I’m like oh my god. I remember these things
like it was yesterday. He literally said, I’m doing these DVD’s. Like he couldn’t get the last
D out and I was like nope. (laughter) I’m not doing your Jane
Fonda workout program. (laughter) So I was a no, the next time
you’re selling, you know, whatever it is, your
product, your services You’re trying to get
someone to join your team. You’re trying to get people
in your coaching program and they say no, just remember I was a no. You know no really doesn’t
mean not right now? Because this is what happens, you come tell me how I can change my life ’cause everybody wants
to pitch a complaint, and then you offer a solution, right? There’s a difference
between wanting to complain and wanting to change things. And you say hey, here’s the
solution and this is the cost and I’m like nope, I’m not
gonna do that and run over here. I’m gonna watch.
(laughter) And I’m just gonna keep,
that stuff doesn’t work. (laughter) She looks good, how’d
she go on that vacation? She must play some social media. You know, like that’s what they do. So keep doing what you do
even when people tell you no. Right? Thank you.
(cheering) So I fucking get the DVD’s,
I started losing weight. You know what it was crazy I
was excited about something for the first time in like two years. That meant more to me
than the weight lose did. Just being excited about life. Fast forward to losing
weight, losing weight, doing some more challenging programs. Like nobody in my family like
had muscles or were ripped or anything so I didn’t have a role model. But then I got enough confidence to jump back into the theater world. I started auditioning for shows in Dallas. Started getting on the stage. Transferring from like the
funny fat guy sidekick, to leading man roles which
was really foreign to me. Because I will tell you guys,
things change on the outside way faster than they change here. Fat Jimmy that I didn’t
respect still was in my head. That’s still who I saw in the mirror even after losing a hundred pounds. Then somebody saw me
in a musical in Dallas and said, hey why aren’t
you in New York City? That’s a great idea, I
don’t know I’ve never asked. You ever wait for someone
to give you permission to step into your greatness? Like you’re waiting for somebody to go, here’s your invitation to a kick ass life. (laughter) It rarely happens, stop waiting for it. And so I was like, why not? Which leads us back to
the cold ass morning in New York City. I’ve been there about
3 years by this point. So I was getting in the subway, it was cold, bundled
up, and I wasn’t heading to Manhattan for like a
rehearsal for a Broadway show, or to be on a TV show, or a movie. Does anybody here know what
it means to do promotions? I mean, okay, promotions just
means any little side hustle job that you can like
string things together to barely make rent and eat. I had done coffee
demonstrations in Macy’s. I literally have been a filler at a party, like just pretend you’re supposed to be at this party walking around. And this one was the
worst, it was the worst of the worst, of the worst. A: It’s early, it’s cold, I get there and they say, hey Jimmy
so glad you’re here. You see the van over there by the corner? Go change into this. Anybody ever seen the movie Newsies? (cheering) A super exited yes here. (laughter) You love Christian Bale so much. For those of you who don’t know, I think they did it to
a Broadway show as well. So for now, paperboys for like the 1930’s, that’s what they handed me. This little thing with the
knickers and the little hat and like the paperboy strap. I’m damn near 30-years-old at this point, let me tell you that as
well so it’s not like I’m some struggling 18-year-old
kid trying to make ends meet And they said, okay here’s your costume. Anything with the word costume is just bad but you’re trying to make a living. And here are a bunch of chocolates because the promotion’s what? Paperboys handing out
chocolates, I have no clue. But he said, here you’re gonna
pass out these chocolates to the oh-so-friendly people
of New York City at 6 AM. (laughter) The moment in the mirror sucked, not being able to go to the
colleges I wanted to sucked. Doing coffee demonstrations
in Macy’s sucked. Nothing was as awful as that morning. When you’re literally
trying to hand something to a human being for free
and they don’t acknowledge you’re standing there. (laughter) And just for a second I
was just so humiliated, and I found myself looking up. Literally looking up at all
the billboards in Times Square. Broadway show, talk show,
blockbuster movie, hot new series That’s supposed to be me. Nobody told them that I was
showing up 3 years earlier? Like hey, here comes Texas. Reserve his spot on the board. And there was something in
that moment that was just like quit waiting for somebody
else to give you your stage. Quit waiting for somebody
else to give you your show. Go do this on your own,
and that was the moment that I started my business. I had been involved in my
business for about a year, by then I hadn’t done anything with it. Something you were playing
around with the idea of when you can do something but
you haven’t had that moment. And I feel like it’s
because you don’t know where you want to go. It wasn’t about, oh, I wanna
be influencer or I want a bunch of likes, or
comments, or subscribers. I didn’t want to live this life anymore. I didn’t want to be on
somebody else’s time, making embarrassing money
doing things that made me question my confidence and who I was as a human being. And so I started studying
and I was like, cool, if things are gonna
change, you have to change. Jim Rohn is one of my favorite
personal developments too. (cheering) Listen Jim Rohn, stop Jimmy
and listen to Jim Rohn, it’s like your grandpa talking
to you about how to live life R-O-H-N if you’re not familiar. I love people that take notes,
oh my god, god bless you. (laughter) Smart people take notes. I met my perfect, Shelly Johnson being my business coach, mentor, and
friend for the past 5 years and she says, smart people take notes. And so I started studying
these, I was like okay ‘Cause up until this
point, I already told you, I was like I don’t like mornings
and I really don’t like, these are honest things
though, this is just how I am. Right? Because we fall into that. Well I’m just not a morning person, or I’m just not extroverted, or I just don’t know what to say. And then, when I think about
it I was like, okay well if that’s just not how
I am but that’s got me to where I am, do I have the
power to change some things? So, again coming from
the acting background, nine times out of ten,
people on the other side of the table would let me know if I was talented enough, good
enough, I got judged, right? If you ever have to
audition for something, and they say thank you, it’s no. (laughter) So I started studying people and that has lead me now to be in
business for 11 years. And so I want to help you guys figure out ’cause some of you guys
are just getting started and I think it’s amazing. You have never had more opportunity to create the life that you
want, serving the people that you want, making
the impact that you want then you do right now. But you got to change some
actions ’cause we can woo, and we can watch any four YouTube videos and we can binge all of Angie’s podcasts, but until you move your ass and do something about it nothing is changing. (cheering) I love you guys so much. I have been watching, I’ve
been talking to you guys. I’ve been in the back and I’m just like, I want to be your biggest cheerleaders. And I know me, I’m almost
thankful that YouTube and podcasts, and all that
stuff wasn’t as relevant when I started ’cause I
would’ve done the same thing. I mean, you know what it is? Did you know when you go
to an event like this, or you listen to a podcast,
or you watch a YouTube video do you realize the insane
endorphins that are going off in your head, how awesome
you feel about being here? Are the exact same endorphins
that go off in your head when you actually do something. So you leave here feeling
like you already crushed it. You made your six-figure launch. You’re living on the boat. And I love you sweetheart
but you ain’t got shit. (laughter) I know what entertains you,
I hope you’re taking notes, I hope you review the notes. I have been sharing some
things that I haven’t put into action ’cause
there were three parts that changed what happened, right? They changed the Jimmy
that I’ve been describing to the Jimmy that you see up here now. ‘Cause there was no confidence. There was no stepping into
like knowing exactly who I am. Because I’m coming out here no nervous because I’m not focused on me. Because my job is to serve
you right now, right? The minute we start thinking about I’m not good enough, I can’t do this, this is what’s going on in my life. I tell anybody I work with,
my clients, I was like go encourage somebody else, now. ‘Cause the minute you put your energy into somebody else you stop
focusing on your own shit and it’s funny ’cause it kinda disappears. Don’t pour into somebody, gosh I wish somebody would encourage me. Go encourage somebody else. I wish that person would
just call and check in on me. Go check in on somebody else,
you control these things. So I told you, three things. Number one was making a decision. I have that moment, right? There were two moments, in the
mirror and in Times Square. I made a decision, I burned the boats, there no turning back. A lot of times that I’m
talking to new people that are starting in there business, I tell them when people ask me like Jimmy how have you
been doing this a decade, what’s the big key, I
was like you know what? It wasn’t a conscience
decision but now from here I can that it was. That I can get into this thing, trying it. I was like, I’m in. I’m a lifer, if I don’t make a dollar, if nobody says yes to me, I’m in. Why? Because I’m better
inside this community than outside of it. Right, ’cause let’s say you sign up, or let’s say you launched the
podcast or the YouTube show you start the Instagram account
and you get no followers. Nobody buys from you, it may be a while. Are you a better person
because you’re plugging in because you got introduced
to personal development on the amazing podcast from here, or that you’re at an event like this? Yes, so just be that better person. And as you grow as a better person you’re gonna attract better people. So moving on was like
just making that decision because this is what you’re doing for those of you that are trying. How about I give this thing a go? Why not try this Instagram
thing, I think I want to. You’re building a working your business with your hand on the backdoor. And you’re waiting. And you’re waiting for the
first time somebody says no, you don’t get engagement,
things don’t go well, you’re like I need to shut them out. Because you’re waiting to
be justified for your doubt. And I love you enough to
tell you if you’re building your business with your hand
on the backdoor just leave. You don’t have the stomach for this fight. And look at the support
you have around you. I hope you’ve made like
84 new friends this week because when your down
and when you’re frustrated you need to plug back into that. We need community both physically and virtually on the phone. So make a decision, be in
this for the long haul. I started studying successful people and I realized a few things. Successful people got
up early in the morning, I already told you, I didn’t like that. I am a night owl, I grew up
in the theater, I bartended. Lets bring up another one of my favorite personal development speakers. He tells a story about, he’s
like, there was an old guy sitting on the porch and there
was a dog laying on the porch moaning and groaning, and a
young guy comes by and goes, why is that dog moaning and groaning? He’s like, the dog’s sitting on a nail. He’s like, oh, why doesn’t he move? He like it doesn’t hurt enough to move, it just hurts enough to moan and groan. And suddenly you were living
right there, right now. Nobody cares. I’m sorry but nobody
cares and nobody’s gonna move you off the nail. So you’ve got to decide
somewhere along if the nail hurts enough to move. And that was me for my morning routine. My morning routine now, I
don’t even recognize me. I get up at 5-5:30 in the
morning without an alarm now. Because I’m excited about what I do. The very first thing I do in the morning is I grab my phone, I put
it on YouTube or a podcast and I put on some kind
of personal development. And when I say first thing in the morning, it’s literally like here. I don’t know my name, I’m
reaching for the phone, I push play and it starts. I don’t even have to watch
it, I just need to hear it. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on, I know I gotta pee, where is my life. You know what I found out? It’s not that kind of show. (laughter) I only have five more minutes, sorry. (laughing) What I found was there was
about twenty hidden minutes in the morning just trying
to get to my pre-workout, my coffee, whatever,
that my mind was prying to what I was going to be that day. Study after study, after study
show that that little moment in time so you have to attack your mind before your mind attacks you. Fat Jimmy isn’t dead, I just
drown him out every morning. That little motherfucker
is there every day. (laughter) And I’m like, not today fat Jimmy. Because Tony Robins is talking to me, because Angie Lee is talking to me, somebody is speaking
life into me right now. (cheering) It’s my job pouring into you, if your job is to pour into your clients, if your job is to help more people, you have to fill your bucket up first. Put on your mask before
you help the person next to you on the plane. (cheering) So for me, it’s get up, it’s
turn on personal development and then I workout first
thing in the morning. I get this body moving. Because again, that’s where
I have my best business ideas I want those endorphins running. And then it’s a series
of writing and journaling over coffee ’cause coffee’s amazing. (cheering) It’s good, and so that was
it, like this morning routine. If I just gave you guys
my full morning routine would that be helpful? (cheering) Excellent, right now go on your phone to I laid it all out for
you because I love you. The last thing I learned, or
realized in long-term business that I had to be better
at, which I actually found all of my failures were preparing me for, was telling stories. Angie talked about it up here. You probably heard it this past two days. You know, whether it’s
Jatana talking about IG stories, or share your story. Your story’s gonna improve the world. I just found most people
don’t know how to tell it. Or they’re waiting, they
don’t think it’s good enough. We’re all too close to our story. I was talking to a client the other day, it’s like, you know Jimmy I
really wanna share my story, I impact people, you know,
I still have like 80 pounds to lose but you know I’ve already lost 30. I was like, what? And she was like, oh yeah
but that doesn’t matter ’cause I still have this to lose. I said, do you know how
many people think that you are the shit because you’ve lost 30 pounds and they’re sitting on
their couch depressed, and about to give up? You just gotta be two
steps ahead of somebody to teach, right? So I’m going to tell you while I found out the best part is how you tell
your story in four parts. ‘Cause I’m getting close
here so we gotta roll. Four parts, and you know
what the best part is? I just demonstrated it for you. Number one is where I was. Where were you, were you
like me, were you a fat kid, were you broke, did you not have a career? And number two, what were
you dissatisfied about? What sucks about it? Number one, I didn’t
like being overweight, I didn’t like not having confidence. Number two, and I hated
other people telling me where to be and when to be places. Number three is what you found. What did you find that
changed that, you know? Was is meditation, was
it a workout program, was it a company, was it a community? I don’t know what it was. And then number four
is either your results or why you’re excited about the future. And the reason I teach
it that way is because a hundred pound overweight
Jimmy not having lost a pound or made a dollar yet
can still use that formula. So like this is where I
was, super dissatisfied, I found some workouts and a community that really loved me, I’m just starting, but I’m excited about the future because, and do you want to come with me? That’s your bonus number five. How can you change their live? So you have to say I’ve done it, now I can help you do it. But even if you haven’t done it yet, you haven’t made any money. You know people want
to be a part of helping to build something more so than they want to be a part of something
that’s already built? People who look at me and say, Jimmy you lost a hundred pounds. They admire, they’re like great, good job. But it doesn’t move them
to actually take action. ‘Cause it seems overwhelming,
it seems too daunting. But, if you knew somebody
at work 7 days ago and they shared, well in
the past 7 days, you know, I’ve lost 7 pounds, I
kicked the soda habit, I’m having more energy. That person goes, oh, wait I knew her. 7 pounds in 7 days, well
I can do that, shit. Same thing with income. You don’t have to be 6 or
7 figures living on a boat to start sharing the fact
that your making income doing what you’re doing. And another client that I worked with, she was like, Jimmy I
really don’t feel like I can share my business very much because I don’t feel like I’ve made enough money or have enough, you know, success. I said, Karen okay, I said
what have you made money in your business, what
have you paid for with something in your business? And she said, oh that’s easy. Me and my girlfriends
we go get our nails done once a week and I don’t
have to take it out of the family budget and I
don’t feel guilty about it. I said do you realize you
could build a million-dollar business with that story? I was like, how many women
out there feel guilty ’cause they’re taking money
away from their family or their spouse, or whoever
because they want to go just play at Target, or
just get their nails done, or just take care of themselves. What? You laugh but it moves the news. And so that’s the review. So, the three things again. You gotta make a decision. You gotta change what
your doing and that starts in the morning, You don’t even have to have my schedule, you can look at my schedule
and make it your own. I just share this is what I end up doing. And then share that story,
share it again and again. You’re gonna be like
everybody’s heard this one. You got new eyeballs on you
too, and you can’t forget about hide-and-go seek
over here behind the chair. (laughter) Who has to hear something
7 to 10 times before they make a decision. Ladies, I am cheering you
on, I love what you’re doing. Thank you so much for letting me be here. Have a good night. (cheering)
(applause) (upbeat music)

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