for ten years fit media channel has
inspired and motivated millions of Fitness fans across the world new stars have been launched workouts
demonstrated winners crowd but back when we started things were
very different. Teen fitness model Jeff Seid here it was a world before
selfies before social media before men’s physique in a world before the word
aesthetics had anything to do with fitness. this is the story of the decade
the transformed fitness what guy hasn’t stood in front of the
mirror and said I’d like to have a better body but how to achieve it? back
in 2009 there was just bodybuilding the sport had been around for decades
but things were becoming just a little bit freaky. if you wanted to follow a
more natural look there were the fitness magazines but the models didn’t move YouTube was just starting and fit media channel was
one of the first to showcase aesthetic fitness behind-the-scenes at commercial
photoshoots and in the gyms in those days if you didn’t go in for
bodybuilding the only option for an aspiring fitness model was to go to a
casting for a magazine but only the lucky few got noticed then
the first fitness model competitions arrived starting out small at first this
was the first show we filmed just a fun amateur competition in the UK but these
types of shows would help transform fitness in North America they added the
razzamatazz one Federation WBFF dropped the bodybuilding rounds and focused on
fitness model plus a new category muscle model hi my
name is AJ Shukoori I’m from Ajax Ontario and I am the first WBFF Pro muscle model
champion a muscle model is slightly smaller than a body builder most people
don’t want that look it’s too freaky looking whereas a muscle model look to
your natural build with a little bit more muscle on it it’s just natural combining great bodies with model looks
muscle model took the sport back to the original aesthetics of bodybuilding
because there is a model element to it as muscle model I think when you put the
two together awesome to see with a great presentation
you have a very captivating moment and the look was an instant hit on YouTube
our video of James Alexander Ellis winning the UK muscle model title became
fit media’s first video with 1 million views as YouTube took off established stars
from the magazine era we’re stepping off the front pages and onto YouTube the
first – Greg Plitt. with his videos was an instant social media idol, inspiring and motivating but then came a new generation who
didn’t need magazines to get themselves noticed pretty much my first youtube
videos eight months ago and I pumped it out and then got a good fan base
built up off of it I was 17 years old now it’s insane I have a fan page that
has about 135 thousand likes and then just took off so now I’m just living
the life, like looking pretty work hard for it so it feels good show it off I’m mostly in the YouTube game been
making YouTube videos for a few years a lot of people have had a connection with
I’ve never met them but through my videos or Facebook posts or whatever
I’ve helped them in some sort of way it makes me just want to keep doing it and
take things up to the next level pretty much. people just live the aesthetic
lifestyle another early YouTube celebrity typify
the all-american look YouTube brought Steve fans from all over the world – last set, best set – I’ve never wanted to be big enough for the
bodybuilding the IFBB bodybuilding I’ve never want to put them that much size so
for me I think I can showcase more of more attainable
look. it’s not how big you are is how you train, i like physiques like that
like a Steve, the internet knows no borders and while many of the early
aesthetic youtubers were from the US soon stars were appearing from all over
the world hi guys my name is Jaco De Bruyn all the way
from South Africa fit media channel was proud to showcase athletes from around
the globe. from the UK i get fans coming up to me and
they’re like I’m training because of you and that’s that’s crazy .and from Spain a
legend in the making I’m Sergi Constance I’m so happy when somebody saying me
that he’s motivated because in my videos training I like to do this for for the
people. we gave you workouts and profiles of these rising superstars for many of you the first time you saw
them was here on fit media channel in the world of competitions the success
of muscle model prompted the old world of bodybuilding to try something new, an
awful lot of people were put off bodybuilding where they saw it as
extremes. the men’s physique category was introduced to cater to guys who like
more of an aesthetic symmetrical physical rather than just training for mass it was really picked as a class for the guy that had an aesthetic
good look about him as opposed to that excess muscle it’s not always the
biggest guy that wins it’s a guy that’s the most aesthetically pleasing from
head to toe it is bringing a whole new audience a large the younger audience
the potential for it is phenomenal the new men’s physique was an immediate hit
giving guys like Ryan Terry their first taste of competition and the story of his
journey became another viral hit on fit media channel the response to Ryan’s video at 17
minutes long showed that YouTube was no longer about short silly clips. then came
a string of huge breakout videos on our channel all showcasing aesthetic Fitness
in different ways fit media’s next breakout an even more
ambitious 20 minute story another huge hit Greg Plitt
here at the body power 2014. on the 17th of January 2015
Greg Plitt passed away, our final interview summed up the great man’s
legacy – from the autographs and photos that you mean you personally mean a lot
to all these people what does that mean to you when they come up to you and tell
you that you’ve inspired them? I had the greatest job in the world it’s a job
where I get to put out what I do what I love to do and help to inspire people to
do what they love and achieve things they use it to transform themselves to
give belief in themselves to change their life to become the person they’ve
always wanted to be and they come they share that they thank me for that but
the thing is it’s their sweat on their shirt not mine I just help them believe
in themselves meanwhile other stars we’d featured in
the early days were making their mark hi guys I’m in Vegas and I want to say
you thank you so much for this 1 million followers and all the time new and younger guys
were inspired to follow them okay my name is Andre I’m 17 years old hi my name’s Sam Smith and I’m 20
I’ve got inspiration from the old a lot like Steve cook from YouTube. I
really like to be feel you know good i just want to know them. hi my name’s
Justin I’m 21 and I’m from Twickenham videos I was all over YouTube
watched many of your own videos and other people’s videos every day so many
different people I just kept watching videos got in my head to our new work my
name is Dominic Nichol I am 19 years old and from Folsom California watch a lot
of workout videos see what other people did to get to the physique that they
have I wanted to be able to have that same kind of look. hey guys Justin
Gonzalez Fitness Model world champion and today we’re training chest . the
world’s best came to fit media channel to show you how to achieve the aesthetic
look you watched in your Millions
so we raised the game with a series of full-body five-day split workouts top to
toe hey guys it’s Mike Thurston here, today I’m going to take you through the first
of my five a day workout, legs what’s up
guys welcome back I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s session we’re back for day 3
which is going to be abs hi I’m Andrei, today’s our first day of
training plan and we’re gonna train back by now a lot of fitness guys were taking
photos and videos of themselves more people have got Instagram
almost everyone has Instagram now so you really have to be on top of your game to
try and stand out it’s a great way to kind of show what I’ve worked so hard
for in the gym. but while Instagram is great for a quick selfie or short video,
YouTube remain the place for full instructional workouts and here at fit
media channel we delivered a series of powerful instructional videos showcasing the world’s most inspiring
physiques these videos have set the standard for instructional workouts on
YouTube hi I’m AJ Ellison WBFF muscle model
world champion today we did a chest workout not for the faint of heart a great chest is a great chest anywhere in
the world hey guys I’m Yasir Khan and today I’m going to show you how to build
a strong chest like me with these five exercises. in 2017 our videos broke out
in the world’s biggest YouTube market India, with millions more joining the
aesthetic movement in just 10 years esthetic Fitness has
become truly global from Canada to Korea from Italy to India Mexico UK
Russia Holland and Belgium Ireland Spain France and the USA wherever you are in
the world you can empower yourself to be your best, beginner or advanced, at home
or in the gym now with 1 million subscribers fit media channel will bring
you the best empowering inspiring and celebrating aesthetic fitness with fit
media channel the best fitness channel on YouTube


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