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Mobility and balance are key for us all. We have to regain it when recovering from
an injury and maintain it as we grow older. What we have here today is our new Stay Fit products. And they are aimed specifically at doing one thing giving you the ability to keep on doing the things you love in your daily life. And life is all about movement. With Stay Fit, training can be fun and a social event, especially when outside in the fresh air. In later life, one of the major problems is slips, trips and falls. We have items here that specifically trains
your ability control, your feet to get the sensory feedback from your feet, so your toes don’t grab anything. Having mastered surfaces that mimic the daily challenges for our feet and toes, we turn to balance. We have the wobble stations, and the place where you twist and turn controlling your legs. These are good for balance but also for strengthening the muscles that control your ankles. Each exercise station supports different levels of difficulty. With tests like the Sit & Rise or Up & Go,
you establish the starting point for your first workout. The focus is on making you better to the obstacles you meet in daily life.

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