Starting The CUT – Road to Shredded EP.1 – MUSCLE Definition PLAN

first of all I want to start this video by saying a big thank you for all the support you showed me guys for all the messages that I received and I want to tell you that I am very glad to be a part of this big community that is called YouTube so this is 29 of februari last day of working and it will end like this boom so weak update in the past month I was on a 12 weeks muscle building program it’s a very good program i started at 69 kilos with seven percent a roughly seven percent body fat and i ended at 79 kilos roughly thirteen percent body fat note that i was on a muscle building program and i was in our caloric surplus I have to eat more than usual my calories per day were 32 hundreds okay you have the link in the description if you want to take a look to see the this program that I followed I definitely recommend it it’s a very good program by Chris getting okay so if you want to know how to calculate your caloric intake per day go and click this link you will have a video there when I explained in much detail how you should make the calculations for your caloric intake now let’s pick a little about the cutting period it will be a slow steady cutting I will tweak my macros I will monitor my progress every week and I will tweak my carbs mostly my carbs from all the macronutrients I will take my cards to to get the results I want ok so now I’m in a deficit in a caloric deficit and i will have 2800 my macros will be the protein 175 grams i will stick to pork to beef to fish too chicken to Turkey this will be my protein sources for the carbs I will have 280 grams I will stick to rice basmati rice is my favorite and has a higher glycemic index I will stick to potato also white potatoes sweet potatoes are very good source of complex carbs I will go for a pastime this will be my sources of carbs and with the fact i will go for 110 grams my favorite sources of phantom are almonds and walnuts I’m a fan of this and also olive oil I will cook with olive oil and sometimes I am use a condom it’s very good it’s a very good source of healthy fats so if the last day of working was with pizza as you just saw the first day of cutting it will be like this i have here i’ll make a shake i have some green spinach half a carat one banana one big glass of water it will be two scoops of whey and some cinnamon okay let’s do this Cheers really delicious you should try this speaking about speaking about training I will go for the old whole body building style like the champions the train back in the days i will stick for basic exercises with the free weights with dumbbells and Barb and I will make two muscle groups per day I want to focus on one big group example chest and one small group example 3 triceps I will go for four exercises four sets of 10 reps it’s itchy said and for the smaller group I will go only with two exercises four sets and ten reps it’s kind of a high volume training I know but I will see how it goes something like her in one month and I will tweak through my training also so the port between sets it will be 1 minutes and 30 seconds so that’s it for today guys thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to support the channel growth you can follow me on Instagram on Twitter on Facebook you have the links in the description for all these social media leave me your comment about this one if this helped if you find something helpful in this video and stay tuned because much more videos are coming much more knowledgeable videos and hope they will help you in your fitness journey so till next time leave strong and stay healthy I forgot if you want to hire me as your own personal trainer you find the information in the description by


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