Starting My Weight Loss Journey

Hi, welcome to my brand new channel. My name is Rosalie Krenger, and this is my
very first YouTube video. Umm, I thought I planned out everything I
wanted to say, but it’s obvious to me now that I don’t actually know where to start. This past weekend, yesterday actually, was
my 30th birthday, and on that day I weighed 423.2 pounds. Um. And I don’t want to anymore. I’ve always been heavier, but not this heavy,
and when I was in highschool I hit my adult height, the height that I am now, which is
5 foot 5 inches, but at that time I was very very active, and I was on multiple soccer
teams at once, and I ran in my spare time, and I did some weightlifting, and I was much
healthier than I am now. Well, that’s not entirely true. We’ll get into that in another video. I was much… thinner. But I was still one of the heaviest girls
on all of my soccer teams. At that point in my life I was running for
hours every day, weightlifting, and I was 158 pounds, which at the time, was huge to
me. But I had a flat stomach, I had very strong
muscles, I had great legs, and a nice butt. And in another video I’ll talk about what
happened and what changed but the point is that since then it’s been downhill as far
as my weight goes. And it’s been an uphill battle to lose it. This is a video sort of just to introduce
me and what this channel is going to be, and essentially… I’ve tried a lot of things. And, um… I’m done trying. I’m going to just do it now. And my husband doesn’t really know I’m going
to start a YouTube channel, but for the first time we’re both fully on the same page, and
he’s going to help me, and he’s going to do it with me. He’s also a bigger guy, and he’s also tired. So… Get it together. Okay. With this channel, I just want to be accountable
and I have tried in the past to start a blog by the same name, hopefully, as this channel
( I haven’t actually tried to get a name yet) called Backtochubby, cause that’s what I was,
I was 158 pounds, 5 foot 5, still considered overweight, two pounds away from obese. Now I am clinically, Morbidly Obese, and I’m
done. And I’m ready to start. And I actually started last week. We can talk about that in a different video. For this video I’m already off topic, I just
want to say hi and introduce myself and tell you where I’m at, and where I don’t want to
be. And what I want to do is get back to my goal
weight which is 158 pounds, which is, you know, where I was when I first though I was
fat. And so yeah, I hope you’ll follow along with
me, and hopefully be supportive. There’s a long, long way to go. And it’s not easy. It’s never been easy. At least not for me. But let’s do this. And, geeze, I promise I won’t be an emotional
wreck in every video. And thank you for watching.


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