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this ruler to me this test is designed to measure five major elements of Derby fitness strength agility power core strength and endurance there’s a sixth element that you also need flexibility while it’s not to be underestimated it’s outside the scope of this test the test is designed to be done at the beginning and the end of most roller derby complex training programs or on your own about three to four times a year before we get started here’s a few tips to help you get the most out of the test attempt to the test on a day when you feel relatively fresh so not the day after about or a really hard training session do all of the exercises in order and do the same order each time you do the test so that you can compare apples to apples each time use optimal form at all times watch the video check your form in a mirror or ask a friend for help and make sure you’re getting it right and finally remember that the only person in this test that you’re competing against is your stuff so don’t worry about it if your scores aren’t ready to hope they would be that’s why you’re here to improve so try your best and just remember booty loves you even if you can’t do full push-ups with that let’s get the cadence push-up test is first you’ll need a metronome or a digital metronome set to 40 beats per minute you’ll do one pushup for every two beats of the Mahone that’s three seconds each it’s the top beat that matters the bottom beat is just a guideline keep going for as many reps as you can while keeping in time and maintaining good form stop after you miss three Cadence’s in a row your score should exclude these last three reps some points about form in the down position your elbows should be making about a 45 degree angle with your body your wrists should be about shoulder-width apart bend all the way to 90 degrees at the bottom of the push-up get someone to watch and keep you honest if you can’t yet perform full push-ups no problem you can test yourself doing knee push-ups like this the agility test is up next here you’ll just need to tape out a cross on the floor about three feet by three feet as shown here you’ll also need a stopwatch or a countdown timer begin outside the back left corner of the cross start the timer and jump into the back left waterin then into each quadrant in a clockwise order without touching the line your goal is to hit as many quadrants as possible in ten seconds it’s best to have a friend help you climb and count here’s the test at full speed so as you can see my score amount was 31 because I did seven full tours of four plus three before the whistle went do the test again going counterclockwise record your score and average the two scores you should jump with your feet together as a unit don’t let them become disconnected from one another subtract half a point from your score each time you touch the lines in your test if you let your arms flail around like this it will be more difficult to know quickly around the circuit just like on skates if you keep your arms braced and your core tight instead it will help you it’s your first time trying this feel free to do some practice runs before you start your report a test for the vertical leap test you’ll need a measuring tape or a yardstick tape it to the wall up high it doesn’t matter exactly what hate you set it up this is a standard test used by many sports and employers to demonstrate leg power you simply jump as high as you can and measure the difference from your standing reach to your reach at the top of the jump here are some tips to help you out first you can have a friend stand on a chair and read your high point measurement or you can use a piece of chalk to mark as you jump how deep you bed and how quickly bends deeply and quickly like you’re coiling a spring next up we have the core test as you know a strong core essential for balance but it also helps agility and to do this test get into a plank position and start a timer for the first minute or as long as you can maintain if the test you’ll be in this position on your elbows with your neck in a neutral position after a minute has elapsed put your feet closer together for balance and lift one foot up maintain opposition for 30 seconds then switch feet keep holding and if you’re still going after two minutes you’ll swap to one arm at a time try your best to keep your hips low and square to the ground after 30 seconds swap arms and keep going after three minutes of sustained blanking you are going to switch to one arm and one leg at a time again try to keep those hips down and your shoulders and hips square to the ground as best you can another thirty Seconds on the other side and after four minutes you’re still hanging in you’re doing awesome get right back to the starting position and start the whole sequence over again and keep going through as much of it as you can here are some notes on form while you do this test watch out for hiking your hips up or letting them sag down also avoid turning your head down looking at your feet this puts your neck out of alignment instead try to keep a straight line from your crown of your head to your heels when you’re balancing avoid hitching up onto one hip try your best to keep your hips parallel to the floor your test is over when you lose your balance or you can no longer maintain good form in a plank stretch it out and give yourself a little break before the next test to the endurance test we’re going to run this as a time challenge so how quickly can you complete all the reps while maintaining good form here’s the test we’re going to do three rounds of skater strides lunge jumps high knees and squat thrusts here’s what it looks like start your stopwatch and begin for this exercise stay low the entire time as though your speed skating down a straightaway you don’t need to pop up in between it’s not a big jump here both knees should form 90-degree angles in the down position keep your front knee aligned over your front foot and keep your torso upright try not to lean forward hi knees are easy to cheat on but don’t do it knees up – at least your hip level each time go slower if you have to the way to count all the reps in the test is by total number of reps so 20 skater strides means 10 per side not 20 per side same with lunge jumps and high knees the rep number listed is a total the operative word in squat thrusts is squat so shoot for a 90 degrees squat both here and here so that’s what one round of the exercises looks like you’ll do two more rounds in a row without stopping and record your time at the end now that you’ve watched all the exercises you are ready to go I want you to get pumped for this test there is no reason to be nervous or apprehensive you are going to rock this if not today then the next time you do the test when you finish the test please go to the link below and enter your scores into the world wide of database of Derby fitness it’s completely anonymous but your scores will help others in the community understand how they measure up to skaters who were around the world you can also print off the test instructions from the website I’m so proud of you from being a rock star and being willing to draw this line in the sand for yourself today good luck on the test and have fun


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