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Hey, what’s up! It’s Booty Quake from
Roller Derby Athletics. I have a lot of customers who tell me they want to feel
more stable in their skates okay so we’re gonna work on stability
training today and I have a simple routine that you can add on to any other
workout that doesn’t require any special equipment, just bodyweight. If you’ve got
a heavy object like a water bottle or heavier or a ball then that’s great.
Let’s check it out… Let’s start off with a walking lunge. You’re gonna take your rear hand and reach it back with a twist towards your rear foot. For a single leg deadlift, put all your weight into your heel send your hips back and hinge at the hip. Try to keep your shoulders and hips level. You can always add weight to this to make it more challenging. For a single leg
balance close your eyes and that will make this move a lot more challenging.
Next up, open up your eyes, get into a bit of a half squat position and add some
instability by tossing an object around if you’ve got a light medicine ball
that’s perfect, I’m obviously using a water bottle here and then add more challenge by just adding more weight. The overhead circles
with weight are particularly challenging so you just want to try to brace your
core and try to keep everything stationary. Next up, we’re gonna do a
super slow-mo cross over and cross under stride, so get into your nicest single
leg bend and give me your most precise cross over stride out and cross under
stride behind. to make this more challenging you just need an unstable surface, so you could do this standing on a couch cushion or a pillow, or like I’m doing, on a rolled up yoga mat. Now, whether you’re a blocker or a jammer, shoulder stability is also really important! We can’t forget that.
So with this three legged plank we’re going to lift up each of our four limbs
one at a time and what you want to shoot for is increasing the amount of time
that you’re balancing in each position. The two legged plank is obviously the
next extension where you’re lifting one arm and one leg at a time. The body top plank
you want to clench up everything, hold everything in position so you’re not
moving around and wiggling and then touch your
shoulders hips and knees alternating sides. Ok skaters, that’s your body weight
stability routine! I hope you give it a try. Let me know in the comments what you
think! Make sure to check out this video on — there’s
tons more resources there just like this to help you be at your best every time
you roll on the track. Alright, see you soon skaters!


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