Squat Challenge – SMOLAV Jr. WEEK 1 – Untitled Ep. 2

– Coach Jimmy, here, we
are at CrossFit Deep. Squat challenge. Four days in a week, two
days on, one days off, two days on, today is
the last day of that. But, I’m gonna show you a little bit about what we’ve done over the past week. And, show you a little bit into today, and then, hopefully, here in a
second I’ll get Chip out here to kind of explain this program. (smooth groove) For those of you that don’t
know, I’ve been taking private CrossFit lessons from Chip Phillips. – Recording live – This is the man.
– from CrossFit Deep Ellum – My background’s not in CrossFit. I don’t consider myself a really accomplished CrossFitter or lifter. As far as olympic lifts
go, even squats, deadlifts, obviously clean and jerk, snatches, all those things are super
out of my comfort zone, so, I kinda make a habit of trying to get out of my comfort zone. (exhales) – [Chip] Set one. Yeah. – That was heavy. – [Chip] Yeah, we’re not
gonna have a super set. – OK, I’m not, my ego doesn’t care. So, I’ve been working with
Chip for about year now, and one thing we’re realizing
is a lot of people know me as Jimmy with the good
squats from Insanity – I’m going back here to Jimmy, ’cause he has that good squat. Jimmy has that good squat. – We’re finding out Jimmy’s
squats weren’t that great, and had a lot of room for improvement when it came to lower body strength. And, even just learning how to maximize the potential of my lower body, I’ve always been pretty
thick in my lower body Alright, Set number three. – [Chip] Accelerate the bottom. Good. – That’s what happens when
you’re a hundred pounds overweight for most of your life. You carry around a lot of weight, so I’ve always had
ample backside and legs. So, not long ago, Chip
said, “Hey, we should we should accelerate this leg strength.” – [Chip] Good. Lookin’ strong, man. Hello world, lookin’ good today. – [Jimmy] Thanks! This is Chip Phillips. – It’s called Smolav Jr. Basically, one of Jimmy’s limiting factors on not only running, but
primarily the CrossFit movements, the thrusters, wall ball, clean, just the ability to stand up with weight is limited by his leg strength. And, we’ve kinda been
putting off of very focused, concentrated squat cycle for a while because he’s so interested in a wide range of fitness and being very balanced. But, we finally got to the
point where we’re like, we’re very limited by his leg strength. No, the last one was great. You can probably keep
your shirt off, though. – If I take my shirt off,
does it make my set better? – [Chip] Yeah, yeah. It’s much better. That’s what I meant by
strength and aggression. (Jimmy grunts) That’s good, man. – And, what’s really cool
is, all the home workouts I’ve done with Beach Body,
specifically P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Asylum, Insanity Max 30, Body Beast,
and A Week of Hard Labor, have really prepared me to
be able to even do this, to come in and, obviously
I have a long way to go, it’s not like I come in here
and I’m super proficient in it. But, I feel like I’m more
prepared because I invested in those home programs and
did them for so many years that I can jump into an
unknown commodity like this and at least tread water pretty well. (exhales) – [Chip] Get those knees out, let’s go. Way to finish, way to finish. – That was a little scary. Uh, is it gonna keep going up? I hadn’t had one of those in a while. – So, we are hittin’ it
hard for four days a week, 70% to 85% range and huge volumes. It’s an intense cycle that
is not super maintainable, so you kind of smash it into three weeks, and then you follow it
up with lower-volume, higher-intensity stuff, as well, that can create that initial hypertrophy
and then lead to strength gains down the road, but, long
story short, he needs it, so. – Home stretch – [Chip] Take a breath. (inhales) Big drive! Big drive! Big drive! That away. – That one actually felt
better than the last – [Chip] Alright, 20 seconds. Come on! Keep it tight. Take a breath, narrow up your feet, narrow up your feet, come on, big drive, let’s go Jimmy! Big drive! Big drive! Big drive! Finish, that a way. You got eight minutes
to get two sets done. – As you can see, that’s
pretty challenging, those last two sets. Set number nine, ended up having to bail. – [Chip] Hey, dude, you
gotta get this on your own, I’m not spottin’ you, let’s go. No bailing. Let’s go Jimmy, get real with it, come on. Come on! Big drive! Good! (Jimmy grunts) Take a breath, stay under it. A little bit faster,
come on, man, let’s go! Come on! Drive! Drive! Drive! It’s alright. – We probably needed to keep the breaks between a little longer,
we had started to shorten the breaks between sets. But, knew how to safely bail out of that. There’s something in my head. I just was talking to
Ashley the other day about Choose Your Own Adventure books, which you may not remember
those, but they were books where you get to a certain
point and you’d be like, oh, you can go in the cave
or you can go down the path. If you went down the cave it
was a dragon that ate you, and so, I was just sitting
there thinking, I was like alright, here’s your Choose
Your Own Adventure book, Jimmy. You either, one of these
reps don’t go well, or you fight through it and you finish this thing like a fuckin’ champ. And I’m like, I don’t
even like thinking that, because you give yourself
an option in your head, that’s when I’m like, how
do you get rid of that? Got the make-up rep, and
then even that last set, as you can see, that last
one, my midline kinda broke, my back rounded a little bit. So, before you leave
me a bunch of comments and tell me about how my
form sucked in the last one, you go do ten sets of 3
reps of 85% of your max and come back. – [Chip] You know, choose
your own adventure. – One rep? – [Chip] One rep. A little make-up set here, let’s go. Come on. Good. That’s more like it, good. – And, maybe your max is a lot more than mine, I don’t know, man. Ever since I started this,
I called it project no ego. And, it wasn’t about bowin’ up against some other dude or bein’ the strongest dude in the place, it was getting out of my comfort zone and stretching my limits. And, this definitely has done that. I said, the only reason I’m like OK, no spots, because I need a video guy. – [Chip] Maybe ’cause you’re not a bitch! – I might get a tripod. Here we go. – [Chip] Let’s go.
– Ten. – [Chip] Come on, let’s go, Jimmy. Last set, come on! Heels, little bit lower, let’s go. Good, come on, one more,
one more, one more. Finish it. Finish it. Drive! Drive! Drive! Drive! That a way, wooo! – Hey. – [Chip] Rock ‘n’ roll, baby. – I have no history, I didn’t
play football growin’ up. I wasn’t in great shape in high school, so, at 40 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life right now, this is my best. And so, four days of pretty
heavy squatting this week on top of all the other things that I do, using my Beachbody On Demand, Body Beast, my running clubs, I keep
my workouts pretty varied. So, Smolav Jr, week one in the books. I’m sure my ass will hurt
a lot tomorrow as I travel. But I just wanted to kinda
update you on the journey. What I would love is, two things, man. If you’re enjoying this, please subscribe. I really would appreciate
it, ’cause I’m really puttin’ a lot of effort into making these videos more consistently. And, number two, let
me know in the comments a way that you’re getting out
of your comfort zone this year and I would love to know what that is, and how I can encourage you. Man, thanks for the subscription,
thanks for watching. Until next time, I’m Coach Jimmy.


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