Squat Challenge Before and After – SMOLAV Jr Squats Results – Untitled Ep. 6

– I know you have a question. Jimmy, how is the Smolav
squat challenge going? I know, it’s what everybody’s asking me. So we’re gonna show you a video today to see how this thing wrapped up. Stay tuned. (mellow R&B music) In case you haven’t been
following the Smolav challenge, I’m gonna put a card up
at the top of this video. Click that and you can
catch up to see what’s gone on week one and week two. But I’m gonna tell you, we
are making some crazy gains for a guy that never did
a whole lot of squatting in the past, never heavy squats. That MOFO over there with the squat heavy, he’s making me do this stuff. In the midst of training
for a bunch of other things, he’s like I don’t care that you’re 40. I don’t care that you’re
gonna do the open. I don’t care that you’re
gonna run a half marathon. We’re gonna squat ’til your ass explodes. So far the ass hasn’t exploded but we’ve gotten good results. (mellow R&B music) – [Man] All right, set one. – Set one. – [Man] Week three. Last day.
– Last day. – [Man] Hall and, Hall and Oates. Good dip. (mellow R&B music) – [Man] Keep forward just a little. Give it back. – [Man] Dude it looks like
we’re still warming up. Like that didn’t
– In a good way? – [Man] That didn’t look, in a good way, like that didn’t look like that’s a weight that this whole cycle has
been building up to, you know? – Was it anticlimactic for you? – [Man] Yes, somethin’
tells me over the course of the next nine sets it’ll get a little bit more interesting, though. – I have a feeling
you’re correct (laughs). Basic can be solved in a five
minute phone conversation. So much better than in a million text messages or eight emails. It’s just like, hey,
’cause you can hear a tone. That’s why you use those BombBomb emails or I use Voice Memos. I don’t text anything,
I do voice mail so you hear exactly, you hear
my tone of my voice. And I know Chip hates the foot stomp. (feet stomping) – People ask, Jimmy, what’s
up with the foot stomp? (feet stomping) I’m gonna tell ya, I don’t know. (feet stomping) It’s just a prep. (feet stomping) It’s a bad habit I have right now. (feet stomping) I’ll find somethin’ else later. (feet stomping) But for now, you’re gonna
deal with my foot stomps. (feet stomping) – [Man] Squash that bug, Jimmy. Squash that bug.
– Squash that bug. (feet stomping) (yelling) – The biggest progress
between weeks one and three is how much easier I can get
this fucking belt on (laughs). – [Man] That’s a real victory. – [Jimmy] Alright Smolav week three. What are we finding? – Well, he’s now doing 10 sets of three at his three rep max lift. Drive, there you go. Squeeze the bar, squeeze the bar. 92.5% is normally
considered a three rep max, and he’s at 93%. He’s gonna lift it for 10 sets of three. – I don’t need you, I
coach myself (laughs). – [Man] (laughs) So, that tells me three things. One, he’s improved
neuromuscular efficiency. Much better second rep, good job. The ability to fire all the right muscles at the right times. (hard rock music) He’s improved strength-wise,
he’s actually gotten a little bit stronger in
these three weeks, and based on technical efficiency
and just the mechanics of the squat, he’s also gotten
better with proprioception, the ability to manipulate
his back and his glutes at different times during the lift (rock music) in order to make, he
made rep adjustments to make sure that not only is
he getting the weight up, but he’s getting it up
with the correct form. (rock music) Gainz all around, with a Z. All kinds of gains, all kinds. – [Man] I had all my
calories with bars yesterday ’cause I was
– I had a lot of calories at the bar last night (laughs). – [Man] (laughs) Different type. – Home stretch. Number nine. Was that a smile? I never know how to take your smiles. – [Man] You got me nervous
with that third one (laughs). – Oh, did I (laughs)? Last set, Smolav. It’s been fun.
– As your coach I just wanna remind you that there’s still time to mess this up. – Why do you do that? Just means I’m gonna kick
the shit out of it, though. (hard rock music) Done. Smolav, it’s been fun. So we’re done, Smolav
challenge, it’s three weeks. And I was talkin’ in there about some of the things that I’ve noticed. That first week, if you remember, I missed on the day that I had to do 10 sets of three, we had a miss. – [Man] Drive, drive, drive. It’s alright. – And that was at 235. Today, 255, and no misses. There were a couple that were challenging, but I never was afraid of I can’t get this up. And more so than even the strength, the ridiculous strength gains that I feel, that I’ve seen, in just three weeks, it’s helped me build confidence. I know the technique, I
know how to safely do it, I know what adjustments to
make when I’m struggling. You know, that was the part today I could tell if my weight was
shifting forward a little or coming back a little,
or where it needed to be. I knew what was a good
lift versus maybe not an ideal lift, but, you got it up. And as Chip reminded me today is, when you get to this mode, it’s not even necessarily training mode, you’re almost in a compete mindset. It’s get it up, you know? So as we back off the
weight some I’m gonna be able to continue to work on technique, that way, when you’re in a compete mode, you’re super taxing your body at nearly, I think 95% of what was
my initial one rep max, is that when you’re in that time, if you’ve done the technique
work with a lesser weight, you’re body’s gonna know how to adjust. And that was the cool thing today is there were a few that, you know, there was a pause in the middle, it was a little more effort to get up, but I knew when I hit
that little bit of a wall what to do to get it up. There was never a time that I was nervous that the weight wasn’t gonna come up. And that’s just putting a bunch of reps together in a short amount of time. And that’s like anything in life. Something you’re nervous about, something you’re not very confident in, go do a lot of it in
a short amount of time and you’re gonna gain a lot of confidence. Thank you so much for
joining this journey. I hope that you enjoyed it. Even if you’re not a
weightlifter I think fitness is such an analogy for
so many things in life, and what I hope this encourages you to do is get outta your comfort
zone, go do something, just jump in two feet. Be willing to fail, I did week one. But if I had been scared
of failing week one, even when I did fail, I
wouldn’t be able to feel as accomplished and proud
myself as I do right now. So if this has resonated with you, I appreciate you subscribing. Leave me a comment, let
me know what it is that you’re jumping into outside
of your comfort zone. And I’ll see you next time. Take care. (mellow R&B music)

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