Spring Cleaning Your Body

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Com in this video I’m going to share with you about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning.
Spring cleaning nowadays does not mean cleaning the house or cleaning the garage but it also
mean that cleaning your medicine cabinet and also your body, mind and soul. Cleaning your medicine cabinet is something
new and if you need information on that you can
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to the http://www.StressedOutStressFree.com/springcleaning Click On The Link there and it will bring
you to blog. One of my friend was just asking me when will
I be doing a detox and he noticed that every year around spring time I do a detox. According to the traditional Chinese medicine
spring time is the best time to eliminate all the toxic and all the waste from your
body because we do eat a lot of stuff and it does accumulate in our system and in our
organs. Over the years, I’ve been using a lot of different
programs and last year I found this great product helps make the whole process easy.
When you come to “detox” a lot of people think that OH! you have to eat certain things and
drink certain things and mostly all you do is have on a shake diet or a water/liquid
diet and do not have anything to eat But this is not the case. In this product you get one
meal a day but you have to make sure you watch your calories intake. And here on I’m going to run through the products
and give you an idea what the product is. At the end of the video I’m going to give
you link to goto the website for more information. They have a 9 days cleansing and fat burning
system and 30 days fat burning and cleansing system one of this, two of this and one of
this and this comes in tubes (it’s a energy drink) and these too. This comes with the
instructions that tells you exactly what to do, explain what a cleansing day is and what
are shake days and what you need to do and also comes with a DVD. Let me run through real quick through these
products: This IsaLean Shake it comes with two flavors,
chocolate or vanilla. I love chocolate so I get four chocolates..and it helps maintain
the body mass. Lower lactose levels and make digestion easier and Contains exclusive blend
of supercharged trace minerals. and it help Enzyme activated to help maximize absorption. Next Up! This is Cleanse for Life Encourages
safe and effective weight loss.Boosts mental and physical energy and endurance. • Contains
over 100 nutrients, including ionic minerals, antioxidants, Aloe Vera
and gentle cleansing herbs that helps support the body’s vital functions and
immune system. This Ionix Supreme Specialized adaptogens
energize your cells and adapt your body to any
form of stress. Contains over 100 specially sourced ingredients from around the world.Antioxidants
and adaptogenic herbs helps support mental and physical performance. Contains our advanced
supercharged blend of trace minerals, which support the body’s vital functions. Ok! this one usually comes in tubes. I don’t
have the tubes anymore..this is cal the “Want More Energy” Gives you endurance, sustains
your energy and helps improve mental and physical performance without caffeine or stimulants.
Contains only natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or colorings. And we have here IsaFlush! Contains five cleansing
herbs and minerals, which support improved water absorption for better colonic function.
Utilizes 200 mg of magnesium, which aids in digestive regularity and overall health. Perfect
for Cleanse Days or anytime you have a problem with regularity or digestion. This is Isagenix Snacks! Anytime you feel
hungry you can pop one or two in there and it’s perfect for cleanse day of your Cleansing
and Fat Burning system to help loss weight while safely lowering your caloric intake.
Contains protein and superior amino acid complex un here. And last but not lease is the Accelerator!
Contains fat-burning nutrients, which help to support the liver’s ability to metabolize
fat quickly. Helps reduce appetite. Contains antioxidants to help fight free-radical damage.
In additional to that I also have IsaLean bar! peanut and regular chocolate flavor Good
for people who like chocolate and the best of all they have this IsaDelight! which is
a chocolate imagine a cleansing program having chocolate? This an answer to my friend who
asked if there’s any diet chocolate there you go my friend And I also found this one
here for those who have kids or those who don’t like vegetables. We have Isagenox Greens!
one scoop of this is good for the vegetable you need for the whole day. Now I want to
show you quickly how we make a shake. Here I have a magic bullet pour some water..about
8 ounce of water they recommend and two scoop of the IsaLean Shake chocolate flavor…ummmmm
one…. two full scoops..two and I add the IsaGreens! one scoop…Use the magic bullet
to make it really smooth or you can shake it. I like it in cold water and you can use
it with hot/warm water. You can just shake it like normal or put it here. Blend it a
couple of seconds there you go! If you like it creamer let it stay longer and that’s it
and you are all done and ready to go Hmmm this is great for people who doesn’t
like to eat breakfast. You get all the nutrient here. You have one cup of this and you are
ready to go! Thank you very much for watching I hope you
get an idea what body detox is or body cleaning
is. If you have any questions please leave in the comment box below and if you like to
get the product please visit my blog at http://StressedOutStressFree.com/springcleaning and there’s a link to the product and you
can visit the whole product line and check out the rest of the stuff. They are running
a promo until March 27 If you get the 30 day cleaning and fat burn system your membership
fee will be waived and that’s a $39 savings. Once again my name is Vincent Woon and I see
you in the next video.

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