Spices that BURN Fat | Weight Loss Tips

If your idea of the perfect weight loss meal is just plain chicken or fish with some salad or brown rice, then you’re missing out on some major
ingredients as shown by reams of research that help the body burn fat – Herbs and
Spices! These are the best ways to add flavor to food
with no extra calories, sugar, sodium, or any other junk – which is critical to do when
you’re trying to lose weight. Why? It’s pretty simple: Research shows
that if you don’t like the taste of what you eat, you’re much less likely to stick
to that diet, no matter how disciplined you are. So, let’s assume the help of these tongue
tingling ingredients and lose weight the simple way! This brightly coloured spice may help your body burn FAT. You ask how? Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric is said to help people lose more weight that those who were
not on the same diet. Known as a “warming heat” turmeric increases body heat which
in turn, can boost metabolism. From helping to fight Alzheimer’s disease
to keeping hormones in check during that time of the month, turmeric is a golden delight.
To get the most of it, try adding it to soups or stews or sprinkle it over some roasted veggies or nuts. This classic holiday spice has been shown
to balance blood sugar, curb cravings and help you feel fuller for longer.
While you might already sprinkle some to your food, you can increase your daily intake by adding this spice to paneer, yogurt, or your favorite brew to make a more fragrant tea.
Sprinkling Cinnamon also makes a great addition to savory spice rubs and marinades for meat.
Yummmm! If you’ve ever accidently added too much
of this spice, then you know that cayenne is a warming spice in a major way. Just like
turmeric, cayenne raises body temperature, that helps boost metabolism.
Here’s the bonus of spicing it up! Adding cayenne to food can help you burn up to 100
calories per meal. Now that’s an easy way to lose weight! Try sprinkling ground cayenne on roasted nuts or in soups, scrambled eggs, or homemade dressings or dips for an extra kick. Cumin is a little bomb of a food spice and
adding a single teaspoon to one of your meals per day, can help you burn up to three times
more body fat according to a recent study conducted on overweight women.
This is great news, especially since cumin is so universal and can add flavor to almost
any food. Try it in everything from soups, stews, dressings, and dips to stir-fries,
rubs, marinades, and even flatbreads. Cardamon is another one of those thermogenic
spices, meaning it helps boost body temperature and metabolism. A favorite in Indian cuisine,
cardamom is fantastic when mixed with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger for a homemade
curry blend or chai tea. You can also try adding some of this citrusy
spice to baked goods, coffee, or gamey meats like mutton.
So ladies, when it comes to weight loss, now would be a good time to spice up your life
with these amazing, tongue tingling ingredients that will help you lose weight. Until next
time stay tuned and stay GLAMRS.


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