you can see my breath holy crap my
beeping it’s just Canada Lala This is a comedy video with an elf in a snowsuit! Davison Video hey guys Davison here
now I’m wearing my snow pants I want to show you guys the difference between snow pants and no pants okay it is minus 11 today I
did a little calculation with the windchill it’s like minus 20 which means
exposed skin can freeze in ten minutes and I’m alone at this park I want you to
take a look at my snow suit got a snotsicle there it’s probably from the
1970s it got secondhand the pants even have like bell-bottoms you guys excited
for Christmas I guess this counts as my first
Christmas video it is so freaking cold although this is warm what I’m wearing
is pretty warm but it won’t be in a minute that’s a sexy snowsuit oh yeah you can see my breath holy crow I’m not
vaping it’s just Canada of course I did not plan the moment at which I’m
going to take off my snow suit but I know it’s not gonna be good yeah
it’s not gonna be good at all okay just do it this is like the Polar Bear Plunge
but jumping-jack edition I can’t even see okay with this with
this portion on it’s okay I’m okay as soon as I unzip it it’s like giant wave
of frigid air fries my ELF box gotta hurry up because I’m losing heat so I
just have to know it’s crazy oh my god this is crazy guys absolutely
freakin crazy crazy my sweater says feliz Navi dog you can do
this you can do this Davison has done everything in the name of going viral on
your channel don’t stop now there probably it is trucker driving by
I’m a naughty elf that’s some sexeh no pantz oh my god this is a new form of circuit
training what is that weight lifting thing where they do deadlifts and stuff like that I can’t
remember the form of deadlifting weightlifting dream crazy I’m crazy
Christmas is crazy 2017 was crazy I’ve never put snow pants on too fast my
entire life I feel like I’m getting my pants back on when Santa is catching me
in bed with someone we survived feliz navidog we survived yeah. so let me know if you guys liked this video this has been snow pants versus no pants. I’m davisonvideo. you can find me dead in a park from hypothermia I’m just kidding
you can find me at Davison video everywhere slash davisonvideo tips and video support me $10 a month to
get everything uncensored and cool and freezing cold and DavisonVideo is my
vlogging channel and DavisonVideo1 this main channel. I hope you guys had the
happiest of holidays Happy Hanukkah happy Kwanzaa Merry Christmas and I hope
you get all of your dreams within the next year!


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