Skipping Rope Tricks Tutorial – X-Motion Rope Skipping Trick

Hey what’s up? In this video, I’m going to be making a video
for the leg criss-cross or also called the X-Motion. Coming up. I really love the x-motion. If you’re anyone that’s just starting to jump
rope and is really looking to taking it seriously and improve, go from level 1 to level 5, I’m
going to tell you go train on the x-motion. And that’s because as easy as this trick is,
it actually trains you on many things, it trains you on your footwork, it trains you
on your timing, it’s easy to do, it targets your core. So the x-motion is basically when you do one
jump with you legs open, and a second jump with your legs crossed and each time alternating
between foot. This tricks is going to require some agility. Which is why when you’re doing the x-motion,
I would recommend you to stay on the tips of your feet at all time when jumping. Because if you don’t you’re going to land
and it’s going to take you more time to be able to jump back up or explode back up. Now the second really important part of this
trick which is where most people struggle with at first especially is the timing. It just requires enhanced timing being able
to cross, uncross, cross again all while jumping on top of a rope and not having your legs
touch the rope. I mean yeah it’s a pretty legit trick. So this is where you’re going to need to sync
your jumps with the rhythm of the rope. I found that the easiest way to do so is to
actually count while doing the crisscrosses. So you first jump with your legs open it’s
one. Then you cross two 3 ,4 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,1 ,2 ,3
,4 and at the exact same time the rope starts following the same tempo. It might sound very simple, but it works. The third tip I can give you is, give it some
time. Especially at first, it might feel a bit weird. And it might feel a bit awkward. And it’s fine, it’s normal. It’s the exact same thing for every jump rope
trick. But just give it some time and it’s going
to come by itself. You’re going to try for the first 5 minutes,
and you might feel like oh my god I’m never going to be able to do this trick, it’s just
so weird. But trust me, all of a sudden, you’re going
to be able to do it. And you’re not even going to think about it
at this point. It is also very important guys while doing
the x motion to always keep your hands that are turning the rope as close to your hips
as possible. Even lower is better because you’re going
to need as much cable material on the ground as possible because you want to create more
space for your legs to cross. If you bring your hands up while turning the
rope by opening your shoulders or just by raising your wrist, you’re making the rope
that’s hitting the ground shorter. So yeah guys, enhanced agility. Jumping on the trips of your feet. Second timing, timing is critical for everything
you do in jump rope. Get counting in your head, and third thing. Patience and persistence. Thank you for watching this video guys. If this video helped you in any way, please
consider leaving a like behind you and subscribe to this channel if you’re new here. With that said guys, I’m going to be seeing
you at the next upload. Until then, take care of yourself.


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